Thursday, May 2, 2013


This morning I attended a faaaabulous event with fellow Chicago bloggers at Coach to check out their new spring and summer footwear. Amelia of The CHIcago Life Blog showed up wearing these show-stopping neon trousers (see photo here) which I expected to be some uber fancy-pants designer from Barney’s. Wrong. They’re the one and only J.Crew, and they’re on sale!

Fast forward one hour later. You’ll find me at my desk adding them to my online shopping cart…

pink and lime

Also picked up these razzmatazz pink goodies. You should too! Why? Because all items are currently 25% off w/ the code springfest! Winning.

In other news… Danielle’s lovely one bedroom apartment is finally revealed on The Everygirl today! Yep. I get to hang out in all that pink, gold, and white prettiness whenever I want. #luckyme


Ashley Rizzardo

Killer pants! I'm not the biggest neon fan but those look awesome!

Danielle / Breakfast at Toast + TEG

Aww, thanks for the mention. I get to have you over whenever I want and talk to you every day and be your friend/business partner! Lucky ME! (such a sap) xo


I'll take those pants in any color possible. Thank you 🙂 Also, Danielle's apartment is simply breathtaking (as is yours!) and I'm pretty jealous of you two, that you can hang at each others' place whenever you want 🙂 You both have such an incredible talent for decorating! (When can I move in? 🙂

Lots of love,

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls


i ordered the pink ones! and i have them in blue too!

and i LOVE danielle's apartment. so much gold!


Danielle's home tour was soooo good and I love those bright pants!

Chelsea & The City

Brenna McCarthy

I adore the neon pants! So fun for spring into summer.

Sadie + Stella

Larve how tailored these pants are! Going to need.

Jean Poylini

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