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Friday, April 19, 2013

Thoughts on Men’s Fashion // cuffed jeans

There are few things I appreciate more in life more than a well-dressed man (my family’s well-being, Nora Ephron movies, and puppies being a few others of notable mention). I’ve said it before, but it doesn’t take much for a man to look polished, sharp, and sexy. And sometimes it comes down to one thing in particular: a great fitting pair of jeans. Combine them with a manly pair of boots or loafers, and it’s amazing what these two things can accomplish.

More recently, however, I’ve become an avid fan of one look in particular: the cuffed jean. This takes a man’s look to a whole new level, whether he realizes it or not. The genius of it is that it’s extremely fashionable but still rugged and manly-defying the stereotype that a fashionable man automatically looks “metro.” He could be wearing a broken-in tee or hoodie and a worn pair of boots, and this simple styling trick ups the sex appeal like whoa. Shows he knows a thing or two. Or maybe he doesn’t but at least he’s willing to listen and take advice from someone who does know.

If any men are reading this, I highly recommend giving it a go.

If the guy in your life-be it boyfriend, brother, husband, son, etc.-is thinking of investing in a great pair of jeans, here are some of the best sources. I know some are a bit pricey, but I promise you it will pay off. ; )


Taylor Stitch





J Brand


Simon Miller

jeans 1 | 2 | 3  //  shoes 1 | 2

jeans 4 | 5 | 6  //  shoes 3 | 4

Remember to go slim, slim straight, or straight fit in a dark wash. For best results, cuff the ankles with a single roll and serve.

Have to send a big thanks to Danny, Austin, and Pete who helped me w/ this one! I’m no expert at sourcing men’s fashion outside of J.Crew, but these dudes know a thing or two.


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  1. I love this look! I need to show my bf, he is very into men's fashion. He'll be happy to know his cuffed jeans are a good look 😉


  2. I love a yummy cuff on mens denim, so polished and rugged all at once!
    Chelsea & The City

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  3. I find that the shoes really, really, really make a guy's outfit. Far too often I see a someone really pull their outfit together, simple and classy, and then ruin it with a pair of beat up Nike's. It's such an easy fix that's so easily forgotten!


  4. i love cuffed denim. my guy not so much. he likes it on me though.


  5. i love #2 and #3 – not loving guys wearing dressy shows with no socks…i guess it just reminds me of Miami Vice days…not into that look. Hipster or not.


  6. My husband cuffs his jeans quite often and there is something so inherently sexy about it. I love that I am not the only one who thinks so!

    – Jaime


  7. I've always noticed when guys have on a good pair of jeans. It really can elevate their whole…”outfit”.


  8. A man in a well-fitting pair of jeans is a rare and beautiful site indeed 🙂 I love all of these jeans, and I am really warming up to the rolled jeans and moccasin look I'm seeing everywhere. Two of my most popular boards on pinterest is my 'The Style of Men' and 'Gentlemanly Pursuits' boards where I have about an equal number of men and women following – they like to look good and we like to watch them!


  9. I don't wear jeans any other way – 100% agree!


  10. Always love this series…even more now that I'm working in menswear. I totally agree with the cuff. Also love a double cuff, showing ankle (no socks of course)