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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dude’s Room Update: Painting Before and After

Major progress to report on the teenytiny Dude Room! 

Namely, we painted. 

To tackle the project, I teamed up with Colorhouse – a new paint available at select Home Depot stores. Not only are they NO-VOCS, no reproductive toxins, no toxic fumes/HAPs-free, and no chemical solvents, but the color palette is amazing. They’ve curated a beautiful collection of shades, you can’t really go wrong no matter what you choose.

See in-store display at Home Depot in Naperville! (Colorhouse will actually be available in the city Home Depots this Saturday!) Lovely, yes?

I knew we wanted a gray, so I narrowed it down to Metal .03 (center swatch) and Wool .02 (far right swatch). The dark swatch on the top is Nourish .06 which I plan on using on the door. That part of the project hasn’t happened yet.

A requisite before to trigger your memory.

And here’s an in progress shot to show you the drastic difference! The Colorhouse gray paint makes the walls look so much cleaner, brighter!

Furniture going back in…

THE AFTER (kind of)

So here is the room before and as it is now. I am hesitant to use the word after since it is not done… (new bedding is coming, and shelves are being hung in the corner).

We ended up getting a nightstand on clearance from World Market – I think it cost around $70 with the discount. The striped navy rug was an old one of mine I had loaned my mom a while back that barely got used. The black and brass CB2 corner hanging bar was hung above the nightstand for additional storage. The bedside lamp is West Elm which has actually been switched out because  1. even though I love the design, it barely gives off any light, and 2. we hung this wall sconce to clear up all the precious surface area on the nightstand for even more storage (see first photo at the top of the post).

The mini gallery wall is still a work in progress. I love love love the mirror, also a World Market find, and the wall clock and mini gray frame are cheapos from Ikea. The framed Chicago print was one of my first post-college purchases from good ole’ The buffalo check throw is from Schoolhouse and the Union Jack pillow was one I picked up in New Orleans a couple of years ago.

Crazy what a fresh coat of paint and some accessories can do, no!? Never underestimate the power of styling.

The dude and his roommate love the makeover so much, they now want to repaint the entire apartment. True story. So this “Dude Room” project just got a whole lot bigger! For what it’s worth, I definitely plan on using Colorhouse Paint for the other rooms (they have a great selection of whites, which in my opinion is one of the trickiest colors to find)! There was also hardly any paint smell, which is worth its weight in gold, in my opinion. And it only required one coat, which a lot of paint companies promise and rarely deliver on.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have more updates!

This post is sponsored by Colorhouse Paint but all of the opinions are my own.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Decorating A Dude Room

i have a new project. 

and it’s not decorating my own home and it’s not everygirl-related. this is VERY exciting people. i don’t even know the last time i took on a styling or decorating job just for fun. and the best part is it’s a GUY’S room! i’ve written a few columns on men’s style (part 1, 2, 3 and 4) and have dogeared dozens of pages in magazines (virtual and real) that feature men’s homes. i always hoped one day some guy would want my help in making his space look good, and finally that day has come.

it’s a bit of a challenge because it’s a SUPER teeny, tiny, shouldn’t-have-been-advertised-as-a-bedroom bedroom. 7′ x 8′ and no closet. so really it fits a queen bed, a nightstand, and not much else.

i probably wouldn’t have been inspired had i not found this terrific item from cb2 only days before…
here it is. the cornerstone of the room. pun intended.
a brass and black corner hanging rod with enough space for a week’s worth of clean, pressed shirts. and it’s only $40!

i saw the bedroom and thought i know JUST the thing this room needs! so we went online and ordered it. and picked up another goodie as well…

there’s about a foot of “room” or dare i call it “walking space” at the foot of the bed with just enough space to throw one of these bad boys in it. the perfect storage for folded sweaters and shoes. vintage locker room meets kindergarten cubbies with the right amount of industrial edge.

now that those two items have made it past the checkout page, i am feeling good about this project. i mean really, there’s not a whole lot more we can fit into the teeny room. it definitely needs new bedding, a new nightstand, lighting (perhaps a wall sconce to save precious surface area), and wall decor. and we’ll be painting the walls gray, of course.

wait, what’s that? you want to see said tiny room? 

fine. here it is. in all it’s glory.

the ikea malm bed was the roommate’s and has since been removed. the jersey, other frames, and “curtain” will be coming down, as well.

it’ll be a clean slate. a small slate, at that. but clean, small slate.

the cubby will go at the foot of the bed against the wall. a bed frame or headboard isn’t really an option since it just takes up precious space. so what we need now is a new nightstand. 

my first stop for nightstand shopping is always west elm. i fell in love with these four styles, particularly the first. west elm has been killing it lately, bringing in one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted pieces made from reclaimed wood, all still for very reasonable price points: $250-400 range.

stria nightstand | lund nightstand | alexa reclaimed wood | mid-century

i researched some budget-friendlier options, as well, sourced from ikea and target.

malm | malm gray | mid-century | dark gray oak

i know he doesn’t want to spend $400 on the favorite pick so we’ll see… might have to dig out my dusty headlamp and delve deep into the digital caverns of craigslist for a suitable option.

then there’s bedding.

while i toyed with the idea of plaid or hunter green, it looked a bit too collegiate when i put together my photoshop mock-up. i love the look but this guy’s 28 and looking for something a bit more grown-up. the two styles above from crane and canopy are great – charcoal and black and white.

also like these urban outfitters options – gray arrow motif and double stripe. but maybe too young.

i’m a little worried the gray options will be too much gray with the light gray walls.

and this crane and canopy style is also available in a steel blue. so we’ll add it to the list.

so here’s what we’re working with in terms of the room layout.

gray gray gray

steeeel blue. 

i like it.

as you can see from the before photos, the carpet has seen better days, so i think we’ll cover it up. love this triangle patterned rug from my go-to resource, rugsusa.

in summation…

cubby | bedding | rug | nightstand | light | clock | pennant | floating shelves | hanging bar

but we shall see! all in good time. this will be fun watching it come along… i’ll be updating on instagram also so follow there @alainakaz. and stay tuned for updates!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ladyplace: My New Yellow Sofa!

Just like I always wanted!

Like my favorite living room ever (that of one Jenna Lyons).

Well, ok I didn’t really get a new couch. But I had a lot of fun in photoshop the other night.

Playing around with different colors to see what it would be like with say… a delicious green velvet couch?

Or pink to really make it a lady apartment?!

But no… here’s what my place currently looks like.

Not too shabby if you ask me!

But I sometimes wonder if it would be better with a much lighter color couch. Softer. More ladylike.

Or dare I say a white couch?

No, Alaina. You have dogs. Don’t be ridiculous.

What say you? Stick with the the dark grey? Or slipcover it? Pottery Barn has some great light options for the Carlisle couch.

Happy weekend all!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ladyplace: The “Office”

Well the peekaboo shelf arrived faster than a Jimmy John’s sandwich. And it’s perfect! Just what I needed for storage, a place to stow the printer, and some extra surface area (for paperwork and the like).

So I figured I’d snap a few good photos not with a camera phone to better paint the picture of how this space is coming together…

Not too shabby!

Not entirely sure what I want to do with my desk chair. If I keep it I desperately have to re-cushion and recover the seat. It feels like I’m sitting on a piece of plywood for 10 hours a day. Also not sure I want to keep the pink in the office area or just go completely neutral in these rooms (entry, living, work, and dining). I’m thinking neutral. Also not sure if I want to even attempt to hide the kitchen floor. The tile is pretty grimy… I was thinking a gold speckled hide. Or something soft in color like this one from Lulu and Georgia. But I’m worried it’ll be too many rugs at the point. And I’m not sure how comfortable I’d really be having animal skin. Faux hides exist right? I need to look into that.

That’s all for now, folks!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Ladyplace: Making an Office in a Living Room

For the first time since I moved downtown five years ago, I don’t have a separate office in my apartment. Transitioning from 2+ bedroom apartments to a one bedroom has meant my living room is also my office. Fortunately, the transition to working in my main living area has been fine. I don’t have any difficult walking away when I’ve had enough work. I cook (yea – I do that now! What?!), walk the dogs, go to the bedroom to read, take a bath, or just kick back and watch tv, ignoring the ever-present desk and computer.

That being said, it’s not so much the living/working combo that bothers me so much as the lack of an organized work space. For storage and papers and product and shipping materials and files and office equipment et al. With the addition of a product line, managing part-time editors, and my new printer that’s lived on the floor for the past two months, I need to get my “office” in proper working order. It’s not just me, the ole iMac, and a glass of wine working late nights anymore.

So I’ve made a few small changes in the living space. Drastic to me. Barely noticeable to anyone else.

When I decided to move the desk by the window, I had it far over to the left, practically against the radiator. Notice you can fit an entire pouf between the desk and the end table next to the sofa.

I’ve also struggle with what to do on that wall by the desk. Months ago, I posted this instagram and asked for ideas!

Meanwhile I’ve had my beloved DIY bulletin board hiding under my bed, waiting for a spot. I can’t bring myself to part with it; it’s so practical and pretty and a lot of labor and love went into making it. The main reason I hadn’t hung it was because I lost the hanging tools it came with. Little did I know you can go to the hardware store and pick up a “photo hanging kit.” Very simple w/ a drill. Took two seconds.

And bam! I hung the bulletin board, complete with spring wardrobe inspiration, some personal mementos, and a TEG editorial calendar (even though we work primarily in Google docs).
I moved my CB2 folding table over there for the sake of seeing what it would look like. Finally got the printer off the floor.

Stepping back…
 It’s like a little office!

(Excuse the mess in the kitchen. And yes, the giant dog bed is a part of my life and my home.)

But… I needed more storage in that nook. And quite frankly really loved having the gold folding table next to the couch like it was here…


I’d been eyeing this other CB2 piece – the rolling peekaboo shelves – but the price point just wasn’t in the budget. Did a little rummaging through my desk drawers and wallet, and it turns out I have a CB2 gift card from ages ago and a Visa gift card also from ages ago. Enough to put a huge dent in the $350 price tag! I called the store to make sure they accept Visa gift cards. They do. So I was planning on going today to get it.

When all of a sudden, I clicked on the Joss and Main sale that popped up in my inbox last night. And look what was on sale!
For $250 no less! Checked my J&M credit… awesome, I had enough.

Wham. Bam. Got it for “free.”

I’m thinking I’ll put the printer in the middle shelf, files on the bottom, and make the top look practical and lovely at the same time. Yay!

All of CB2’s “lucite” peekaboo items are in the LA Modern sale – for less than CB2 sells them for! Coffee table, console table, side table, you name it. Check it out!

So the gold folding table can go back by the sofa. Not sure where that ceramic garden stool will end up living. Might have another yard sale.

You’ll also see back in the corner this new floor lamp from the kind folks at Kenroy Home!

Darling thing really. And great price point on Amazon! I love how it adds height to that corner where before the gallery wall just kind of ended and there was this big blank wall.

So that’s that! I’ll have more updates on the new tv and bar areas since I switched that up as well.

Sorry for the dodgy photos. Literally shot them this morning on my iPhone. 
But hey – it’s a post! Go me!

Happy weekend!

And re: the yard sale. Almost everything sold save for the rectangular mirror. Which makes me happy because I realized I needed it anyway. Thank you everyone!