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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Silver or Gold?

More and more frequently I find myself tiring of the polished brass/shiny gold hardware and accents trend. 

Ok ok bold statement. Strike that from the record. Not tiring, per se, but let’s just say that a year ago, any time I walked into a store (virtually or in person), I was all…

Now I find myself considering the polished nickel and sterling silver color swatches of an online or in-store purchase. I know. I don’t even know myself anymore. 

For example. I was in want of a new desk lamp

Full story goes… we moved my Ikea task lamp upstairs because it wasn’t providing enough light in our very dark first floor living area (lots of exposed brick, few light-colored surfaces to bounce the light around, you get the gist). As fate would have it, I received an email from the kind folks over at asking if I wanted to review a product. Um.. yes please! But let me tell you, the site has a vast, almost overwhelming selection. So many lovely options to choose from. To narrow it down, I filtered through to a brand I knew I liked, Hudson Valley Lighting, and there it was: the Thayer 1 Light Table Lamp.

I loved it. It was the size, color, and shape I wanted with a lovely white silk shade perfect for enhancing whatever wattage I put in it.

But there I found myself struggling with a decision I hadn’t debated over in a while…

I loved both! I mean – that polished nickel is looking pretty shnazzy, is it not? And I found myself wondering if the brass was going to look out of style in a year or two. Which to get? Silver or gold? After a few days of pining, I made my choice. Old dog, I am. Anticlimatic end to this story, huh?

Well, it arrived. And I love it. And to my delight, it has a dimmer! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! (I’m a BIG believer in the importance of lighting options.)

But all of that being said, I want ya’ll to weigh in. Which would you have chosen? Are you over the brass/gold trend? Or do you believe it’s here to stay another decade?


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  1. I'm still on the gold bandwagon at this stage, but I'm noticing a trend towards using copper too – what do you think using that finish?


  2. I think there is room for both. I do not like mixing so once I decided on silver I have stayed with it.


  3. I'm going for gold – but I am also not scared of mixing metals later if I get sick of it! This looks lovely!


  4. I actually like mixing the two metals. I'm usually more drawn to gold, but like you, I get a little tired of gold everything. However, I think you made the right choice with the lamp – it looks great!


  5. I'm moving into a new house and need to pick out bathroom/kitchen faucets and hardware and lean toward gold, but will it be too trendy? Is it here to stay do you think? Will it just be preference from here on out do you think?


  6. While I usually lean toward gold/brass everythingggggg (because it adds more warmth to a space), I think the best look is to mix the two! I think you made the right choice with picking the gold lamp – it's beautiful!!


  7. I'm normally an 100% gold girl. I don't choose silver ever even in jewelry, but I was actually learning towards the silver version. I'm shocked. I really like the gold too, clearly, and don't think there was a bad choice to make.

    Love too so many options.



  8. I am all about the gold/brass!


  9. I LOVE gold and I have brass pulls on my dresser but anything that can't be changed and I think I'll want forever I like to do silver… I just remember as a kid and all my mom's gold stuff from the 80's seemed so out of style! Love the lamp you chose though