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Monday, May 24, 2010

LCY Chicago: George Lowell & Scout in Andersonville

I thought I’d share with you the rest of my fun-filled afternoon from last weekend, seeing as this weekend I was sick and didn’t get out much. After Saturday night’s successful and fun-filled Chicago bloggers soirée, I met up with Jess and Crystal for lunch on Sunday afternoon and we made our way up the Clark Street strip in Andersonville, located in Chicago’s northside. Last week, I posted about one of the stores we visited, Brimfield. Here’s the rest of how we spent that afternoon:

I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this darling flower shop, but what drew me in was the pink seersucker patio furniture! How perfect for tea in the garden or lemonade by the pool (this of course is in my fantasy life in the English countryside).

Believe it or not, the shop smelled even better than it looks.

Jess and Crystal frolicking among the flowers.

I absolutely adored the antique bird cages hanging on the walls, and the store offered a great selection of Caldrea hand soaps.

Little chalkboard labels.

Not sure what I like most: the little bird figurine, the vase, or the ginormous hot pink hydrangea.

George Lowell
Then we found our way into what I can now call my favorite store in Anderonsville, the eclectic home goods shop, George Lowell. The items in this store looked like a collection that had been compiled after years of worldly traveling, which is exactly what I’d like my home to look like in fifty years (or ten – hey, a gal can dream!).

A ceramic drum stool turned into a lamp! Never seen that before.

Great bar tray.

I want a yellow desk.

Love the glamour of the zebra wood.

Another eclectic vignette.

This looks like someone’s personal collection that was photographed for a magazine feature.

I thought these two purple prints with white matting and frames looked familiar…

… ah yes! They have the exact look of the gift I gave my best friend for her birthday! Custom LCYgraphics prints of the St. Louis Cathedral and the Sears Tower in her favorite color, purple.


Next stop, Scout.

I walked into Scout to find these two had fallen in love with a pair of vintage, blue velvet chairs.

Vintage Saarinen dining table with marble top

These were old canteens that had been turned into lamps. Very cool. But I particularly love the name of the store spelled out in wooden letters.

Crystal took these two gems home with her.

Wish I had a place for these unique lamps. Love the black shades.

You may remember me mentioning that I saw mason jars in all the shops. Only these cost $18 each and we got ours for $5 a pop. Stick with me. I won’t let you down.

Me with Crystal and Jess leaving White Attic. Brush your hair, self.

I promise I will get out of Andersonville for future Shop At posts. It’s just so fun up there and close to my apartment. Any suggestions of shops and neighborhoods that I should check out?




  2. ooh what a great shop and what a fabulous company you had Alaina!!


  3. okay I am hooked:)
    what a fun shop too! Wish I had some fellow blog friends in my city!


  4. Ohhh how I can't wait to get out and about and enjoy this summer HEAT in fab Chicago shops once we have moved in and my self-imposed NO SHOPPING BAN can be lifted!


  5. What a fun little write-up of our fab day together!! You took some great pictures 🙂


  6. This place needs me! Love it!


  7. Those look like great shops! I want to come to Chicago for a girls trip. I have only been once and that was oh gosh 13 years ago!


  8. Would LOVE to visit…seriously. It's too bad i havent found a shop like that anywhere in this town.


  9. Wow!! Wish I could come shopping with you, those shops look amazing! Love the flower shop!


  10. Perfect timing on this post. I'm visiting my sister in Chicago this weekend so I'll be hitting up all these stores now!