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Friday, September 24, 2010

RUE in NYC: Oh What A Night, Dinner with Kelley Moore and Company

Saturday night Caitlin, Anne, Crystal, and I ventured across Soho to attend a dinner party thrown by the talented lifestyle expert, Kelley Moore. Never in a million years could I have anticipated what beautiful surroundings, talented people, and delicious champagne awaited.

Behold the very first photograph taken of all the Rue gals together. After four months of working closely with one another online, we finally all met in person. Things went well to say the least. We laughed. And laughed. Then laughed some more. Well, you’ll see…

The night began when we rolled up to the tallest building on the block. Not knowing what floor to buzz, we were able to figure it out once we spotted the elegant candelabras in the window. Always a good sign.

Upon entering the front door, we were greeted by one fabulous hot pink hallway that led to the main living room. There is no denying Kelley knows how to travel in style.

The solid black frames not only made the art more dramatic against the bright wall, but they unified the collage as a cohesive whole.

After countless tweets and emails, I was finally able to meet our lovely, talented, and entertaining hostess, Kelley Moore (left). Seated with her is close friend Cassandra of the wildly popular Coco+Kelley, and Rue’s cover girl, Jamie Rummerfield of Woodson and Rummerfield’s House of Design in LA.

Rue’s Man in the Blue Blazer columnist, Will (also of Bright Bazaar fame) and his boyfriend Toby had just arrived from London. Literally. Got off the plane and came to the party. I was fortunate to be seated next to these gentlemen for the meal and within minutes, I was positively smitten. Their accents, style, manners, and overall genuine personalities reminded me why I love England so much and why I need to go back. Soon.

Glam, glam glam.

I let out a gleeful yelp when I saw the place holders were our own colorful portraits a la famed Andy Warhol paintings. The acrylic frame and pop art made perfect party favors.

While guests mingled and clinked glasses, I grabbed my camera and kept snapping photos. I knew the table setting was one of those things you have to see – no description could do it justice. And believe me when I say it was 50 times more glamorous and magical in person. Kelley had the fashion fabric constructed into a table cloth specifically for this party, and accented with hot pink, navy, and gold items. The antique candelabras that we spotted from outside the building are Kelley’s own. Some people pack too many sweaters. Kelley packs tableware.

Kelley’s good friend from home flew with her from Seattle and cooked a mouth-watering three-course meal for us. The main course consisted of pressed game hen, roasted beets, and haricot verts drenched a mustard butter sauce. Ohhhhh myyyyyy gaaaaaaaaawd. Best meal I had in NYC. Hands down.

I’m now convinced that when a group of style-savvy ladies get together in NYC, anything is possible.

Remember when I met Crystal earlier this year? Actually, it was just a few months ago! Who would have thought we’d be here now. Neither of us did! Talk about serendipity. (And the power of blogging.)

Seven hours later, we were all pretty much besties. Left to right: Cassandra, Anne, Crystal, Caitlin, me, Erin and Julie.

And as for the Rue team… needless to say after four months, thousands of emails, and one stressful all-nighter, the honeymoon went well.

Walking back to our hotel we spotted the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams showroom and posed to show our appreciation for one of Rue’s advertisers!

That, ladies and gentlemen, was night #1.


  1. OMG those green beans, weren't they AMAZING?! Such a fun write up, Alaina! It all seems like a distant dream now – let's go back asap! xo


  2. Looks like such fun! That tablescape? I. Die.

    Happy Weekend!


  3. Looks like a blast! That table set up is sooo glam 🙂


  4. I am dying, looks like sooooo much fun….


  5. Love it!

    I'm not sure if I'm more jealous that you all got to finally meet each other, or that you got to eat that meal in that home! Wowza.

    Yay for Rue!


  6. Sounds and looks like a wonderful evening. You'll be so glad that you took pictures to remember a time that probably seems like a blur.


  7. I didn't realize that all four of you hadn't been together until now. How much fun for you!

    Loved meeting you–knew I would 🙂 Posted pics of the trip on my blog today.


  8. I didn't realize that all four of you hadn't been together until now. How much fun for you!

    Loved meeting you–knew I would 🙂 Posted pics of the trip on my blog today.


  9. What a fun post to read! Thanks for sharing all of it! I loved the glamorous table setting~so gorgeous. You all looked so beautiful.


  10. What a great event. Wonderful decorating of table! Best of luck to the RUE team.


  11. Such A FUN post!! I am so happy to have met you in person and can't wait for a trip to Chicago!


  12. Fabulous write up! Thank you. Kelley greatly appreciates it, and we are honored to have hosted this wonderful Rue meeting. Look forward to meeting with you again sometime in the future!

    Best wishes.

    Adrian Perry


  13. That night was dreamy! I have to agree with Will – can we just go back to last Saturday night? The company, the food, the apartment and that CAKE made for one magical night 🙂


  14. Looks like an amazing dinner with some fabulous people! So glad we got the chance to meet too.



  15. just discovered your blog and im instantly in love! i just moved from chicago and i miss it sooo much, so im really enjoying your pics and posts about the city i love.

    thanks for sharing. have a great weekend!!!


  16. What a wonderful dinner! Such a special feeling when someone fusses over you and prepares such a lovely feast.

    You ladies should be overjoyed with all you have accomplished remotely. Thanks for sharing your evening with us!


  17. Thank you so much for posting the pics- what a glamorous night! The fact that you're all having so much fun doing Rue comes across in the pages


  18. ugh, i'm comin' out gawd awful in all these photos but at least ya'll look good and it sure was fun!