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Monday, October 20, 2014

25% Off Paris-Inspired Fall Essentials

My recent trip to Paris confirmed one thing… everything I packed last fall worked again this year. With the exception of two new fall trends, slouchy pants and fancy sneakers (preferably Nike), Parisians are still rocking the black and white, classic silhouettes. I actually also noticed the men seem a bit more put together and accessorized while the women look extremely casual. More of a thrown-together look complete with messy hair and little make-up.

Fortunately for all of us, J.Crew does a pretty great job of designing these basics worth investing in and right now everything is 25% off with code #TGIFALL. So here’s a list of my Paris-inspired 2014 Fall Fashion Essentials. And I’ll be sharing photos from my trip this week and next! Stay tuned!

the accessories:

a great hat

a simple catch-all tote

barrette to pull your hair back

chunky jewelry to jazz up your simple clothes like this necklace and bracelet

hints of leopard like a belt and a scarf 

the clothes:

collarless coat

sexy silk blouse to go with everything

classic white button-down

the perfect sweater

white vneck tee

black skinny pants

black slouchy pants

and the shoes are everything:

oxfords and sneakers are on trend this season

booties and tall leather boots are investments that never go out of style



Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back to the Motherland

I am beyond elated to say that I am returning to the motherland. Europe. (I think of France as the ultimate mothership, calling me home. No, I am not French.) Long story short, my boyfriend and I decided to take a big “dream trip,” so we put six dream trips in a hat. They were:

– Spain
– Ireland and Scotland
– Switzerland and South of France
– Prague, Budapest, and Vienna
– Vietnam
– Belgium and Sweden

But Switzerland and France won. Hoorah!

We are researching what we want to do and see, and I’d love any advice you have!

Tickets are booked. We are going in early October over my 29th birthday. We fly into Zurich, traveling westward (probably by train). He wants to ski one day – I am not the best skier, but I’d love to give it a go. Then we are getting a car and touring the French Riviera (Cannes, Marseille, St. Tropez) and Provence before hopping a train up to Paris for two nights and heading home. (Seriously, this won’t feel real until I’m actually there.)

I’ve been browsing hotels and AirBNB and tourism sites, but I love advice from people who have been! We have such limited time everywhere.

Realistically probably 2-3 days in Switzerland, 4-5 in the South of France, and 2 in Paris. 

Help! What cities and sites (and wineries) are must sees? 

Here are a few things I’ve discovered:

Chateau de Massillan in Provence, a Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotel

Then there’s this hotel also in Provence I found on Jetsetter. Fancaypants.

This attic apartment in Paris via AirBNB

Definitely want to put my adventure cap on and explore Gorges du Verdon in Provence:

In Switzerland, we want to see/ski(?) the Matterhorn:

and grab dinner at the Aescher Hotel restaurant:

Also heard great things about Lucerne, mainly from Liz.

So many options!

Neither of us have been to Switzerland or the South of France and it seems like every city and village is worth seeing so we are at a loss of how best to attack this! 


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Don’t mind me… over here creating myself.

I decided to take up a new hobby. Truth be told I was inspired by this instagram from Dallas Shaw. I saw it and thought, “I want to to do that.”

So last night I marched over to Blick Art Supplies in Lincoln Park (well, drove) and snatched up some pretty Prisma markers just like the one in Dallas’ photo. Then I saw Blick sold similar markers for a fraction of the price, and well, considering this lil hobby could go horribly awry (ie I lack any skill) or I could tire of it in a week (typical), I figured I’d start with the $1.88 markers instead of the $3.50 markers.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a bonafide art supply store, but they make these markers in every color under the sun. “Putty,””Latte,” and “Stone” are all different. Fact. And I bought all of them. I could’ve gone primary colors – cover my bases. But I thought about what I’d try and draw… and one thing stood out in my mind.


So I went with the colors of my favorite city. My mom always said “Paris has its own light.”Anyone who’s ever been can attest that is true. The color of that city is indescribable. Like you’re looking through rose-colored glasses. Everything is softer, hazier, prettier… I figured if I lack any and all skill, at least the colors on the page will be lovely.

So last night, after a late-night meeting with some of the Everygirl editors, I stayed plopped on my sofa, pulled up a photo Danielle took in Paris, and started… drawing? Making it up as I went? Trying to recreate a snapshot of my favorite place.

It turned out ok! I quickly learned I cannot draw straight lines… so instead I just kinda scribble back and forth until a line takes shape. Next, I recreated my living room. Unfortunately, the “Latte” color turned out a lot more pink than beige so the coloring is a bit off… I need to head back to the art store and pick up a proper beige and a lovely gold pen! I think it’s really what the living room sketch is missing.

So yea! So far so good. It was so fun, and soothing, and nice to create something NOT on a screen.

Do any of you draw? Or paint? Or picking up a new hobby just for kicks? I highly recommend it!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fashion for Europe: The Only Packing List You’ll Ever Need

Let me adjust my Fashion Blogger cap for a second. Try it on for size… Ahh there we go.

Now, a solid dose of outfit photos from my adventures in Europe.

Save for the pink-elbow patch shirt I bought in Paris, I wore black almost the entire time. Black pants or jeans, black or white v-necks, and a jacket. Mix and match over and over again.

Here are a few of the staples I lived in due to comfort and versatility.

Target jacket (the best $30 I ever spent) | Gerard Deral hat (bought in Paris) | Henry and Belle ankle zip skinnies (as comfy as yoga pants, not even kidding) | Nila Anthony shoulder bag | Two Penny Blue leather trim blazer (i leave it unbuttoned) | Alli Marie booties (never even broke these in and wore them all day long, days at a time)

See the rest of our packing for Europe made easy list over on The Everygirl! Complete with tips and specific product suggestions.

photos by Danielle Moss

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I’m currently on cloud nine in Paris. And just spent three days in London – boy, did I miss that city. Danielle and I are concocting plans where I’ll live in Paris for a month and learn the language, she’ll live in London, we’ll each spend a weekend at one anothers’ apartments. Good plan.

Follow along on Instagram – TheEverygirl_, AlainaKaz, and DanielleMoss_

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and words about 28 so far. Clearly things are looking up!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ladyplace: The Making of a Living Room Gallery Wall

So if you recall from my post a few days ago, here is what we were left with after rearranging my living room furniture. An arrangement that made sense, but a very sad, very empty wall above the sofa.

So, in true Alaina fashion, I did what I’ve done time and time before… collected my art, grabbed a hammer and some nails, and started banging holes in the wall.

Well, it was slightly more organized…
I had all of my art stacked in various piles around my tiny new apartment, waiting for a permanent wall home…  I laid a number of the pieces out and realized two common themes: 
1. black and white. 2. Paris. 

Sounds like a good plan for my main living space if you ask me. So I puzzle pieced them together until it made sense. Then I eyeballed/made some rudimentary measurements and started hanging…

a few here…

a few there…

still need to fill in the gaps…

There she is!

The sparkles are the sun’s reflection on my disco ball. Naturally.

and from an another angle

gallery wall sources:

1. ferris wheel // paris print shop

2. kimberly genevieve photo of jihan zencirli for the everygirl

3. watercolor bought in prague

4. yellow buildings in paris // etsy but can’t find source

5. personal photo

6. origin // alicia bock postcard

7. vintage shaving mirror // curiosity in charleston, sc

8. kimberly genevieve photo of jihan zencirli for the everygirl

9. eiffel tower print // alaina kaczmarski (me!)

10. letterpress print // west elm

11. graffiti kiss // paris print shop

12. kimberly genevieve photo of jihan zencirli for the everygirl

13. vintage silhouettes // curiosity in charleston, sc

I bought these vintage and antique silhouettes in Charleston. 
I think they give it that something special don’t you?

Here’s the whole thing in motion…
gif’s are fun.

The pups are pleased they match the room.

Next post: the new coffee table and other changes in the living room!

Three cheers for finally posting! Hip hip hooray!