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Why Try Vegan Collagen And Other Collagen Skin Care Alternatives

If you are a vegan, you have probably heard of the hype around vegan collagen and other collagen skincare alternatives. However, what we aim to find is if this hype has any truth to it?

Research shows the pros and cons of these collagen skincare alternatives. So, let’s explore and find out if the hype is worth it.

What Is Vegan Collagen?

Collagen does not have to be sourced from animals anymore. Instead, scientists have found a new technique to produce collagen using genetically modified bacteria and yeast. To produce vegan collagen, 4 human gene codes for collagen are added to the gene structure of the microbes.

After the genes are in their place, the bacteria or yeast start to produce the foundations of human collagen. Once this is done, digestive enzymes are added to help structure the foundation into collagen molecules. These molecules have the same structure as human collagen. The process takes time to complete, but when it does, you have vegan collagen.

Why Try Vegan Collagen?

As a vegan, one can’t take regular collagen supplements. They have animal products that make them unsafe to use. However, you can switch to vegan collagen. Here are the many reasons why:

1. Reduced Risk Of Allergies

Vegan collagen is produced in a controlled environment. In such an environment, harmful substances and common allergens are removed. That means you will not face any allergic reaction when you use this alternative.

2. Potentially Low Cost

Making use of bacteria or yeast is cost-effective. That is because the lab environment where it is produced is highly scalable. As of now, it is not widely available to consumers. However, it will likely reduce the cost of collagen for customers.

3. Beauty Benefits

Collagen is known to have many beauty benefits. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, boosts skin elasticity, and helps the body to produce more collagen. Now with vegan collagen, more people will be able to access this supplement and enjoy the beauty benefits.

Other Collagen Skin Care Alternatives

For now, vegan collagen is not widely available in the market yet. However, many companies are selling collagen boosters. These are collagen supplements and a great alternative to vegan collagen.

The collagen boosters include many minerals and vitamins that aid the body in producing more collagen. However, you can also follow a diet to add these minerals to your body instead of taking a supplement. Once the vegan collagen is widely available, you can then switch to that.

You can also take vegan amino acid supplements till the vegan collagen rolls out. It will also help your body to build more collagen easily.

Final Words

While vegan collagen is not widely available, it still shows a lot of promise to consumers. It improves skin health and provides many other beauty benefits that will make your skin healthy and youthful. Till vegan collagen is widely available, you can use other skincare alternatives to reap the same benefits.