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What is the Best Free Embroidery Software?

Embroidery is a fantastically popular hobby. It may seem odd in the digital age that it is so popular, but millions of people enjoy embroidery throughout the world. From simple cross stitching to fabulous intricate designs and art work, embroidery really does have something for everyone regardless of age and ability.

Embroidery is not a cheap hobby. You need to buy threads, needles and other supplies and although you don’t need much to get started, this hobby does become all-consuming and increasingly expensive as you get the bug. 

One of the major expenses is the need for buying patterns and software for your own designs, so for the vast majority of people this can be a major expense. Paying for embroidery software can cost as much as $500 but luckily there is a range of free embroidery software out there too. Free embroidery software can vary depending on the make but results can be surprisingly effective. Let’s take a look at a couple of options on offer.

So what is the Best Free Embroidery Software?

True Sizer by Wilcom: This is a popular embroidery software program and although you can use the paid version which only costs $49, the free version is not bad either. Available for iOS or Android and also with a desktop version, True Sizer lets you access templates and designs, as well as work with creating your own designs. In truth the free version is fairly limited but it works effectively, and it would be ideal for anyone just starting out. If you do decide to go for the paid version, it is fairly inexpensive as well.

Berninia Artlink: This well-respected embroidery supplies company provides paid embroidery software, but there is also free embroidery software available which is a limited version of the paid program. You can do a lot with it. There is a template to help you design and position your own designs and you can view on screen how your design will stitch out. There is also a wide range of patterns including native art.

My Editor is a little bit different because this is not a free version of paid software. When it comes to finding what the best free embroidery software is, one that is fully functional without the constant nagging to upgrade is going to be a good option.

My Editor comes from a company called eXPErience, who trade as Wings Systems Ltd. The company produces two embroidery software programs; Professional which is paid for, and My Editor which is free. My Editor has numerous functions including stitch editor, 3D Preview, and loads of great design features. There is also an embroidery design database where you can access free patterns.

So what is the best free embroidery software? In our opinion, My Editor has a lot going for it. This program offers a lot and you won’t be hassled to constantly upgrade to the paid version.