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Ways To Style Wavy Hair


If the you have hair which is not curly but neither is it straight, we have got your back hair. Usually wavy hairs have curls which are light and more straightened roots; so having wavy hair is like a mixture of both. Styling wavy hair can become a bit frustrating for you but fret not; we have you covered in this article for good. 

By nature people find wavy hair incredibly appealing. They are easy to manage can suit any hairstyle, texture, volume or length. No matter what your hair is like a bit of waves can never go wrong. 

Natural Waves

If your hair is a bit towards the wavy side, you can use a leave in-conditioner and some magical plopping or scrunching while the hair is wet. This process will give you effortless, natural waves. The waves will not look to frizzy not too scrunch they look as natural as ever with some added definition to the waves your hair already had.  

Air-Dried Waves

Many hair stylists prefer creating looks which are more towards the natural and effortless side so that these looks are easier to carry. One such hairstyle for wavy hairs could be by achieved by applying a wave spray when the hair is damp. Once that has been done you can tie the hair in a three strand braid and leave till it is completely dry. 

Spiral Waves

For having spiral waves till the ends can be done so by using a simple dry oil spray and some scrunching of the hair. This look creates more volume and looks more chic.

Curling Iron

Waves can be created easily by using a burling wand which is considerably of the same size s your natural wave. Typically one and a half inch in curling wand could the most ideal to achieve a natural effortless wave pattern. You can finish by spraying some flexible hairspray to keep everything intact.

A Skinny Barreled Curling iron

One can also use a skinny barreled curling iron which gives you nice, soft and totally natural waves for any occasion. You can add more volume to the hair by using some voluminous hair pray.

Lived-in Waves

One can easily get lived-in wave by using a thick curling iron and then later on putting some hair shine spray to add a shine to the air making it look sleek and sophisticated. 

Loose Wave Look

By using a salt pray one can easily get the beautiful loose wave look. This look makes the face look more contoured and defined while it also adds volume to the hair. To make it stay intact one can use any hairspray.

The 70’s Wave

One can recreate the 70’s iconic waves by using a thinner barrel iron and then continuously brushing through the hair. The iron will give you small defined curls and brushing them rigoursly will give you perfect waves like those starred in the movies belonging to the old time.  

Maintain a wavy hairstyle is not as difficult as it may look for some people. While on the other hand God has blesses the better half with such effortless pretty waves that one is left in awe. Nevertheless you can easily recreate those waves by applying any of the method above.