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Turmeric Smoothie Recipe

Turmeric is a spice that comes from South Asia. It is usually found in the different curries. Turmeric has a bitter taste and is warm, but it provides the rich yellow colors naturally when added to different types of foods. Turmeric possesses amazing medicinal benefits and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be extremely healthy for the human body.

Incorporating turmeric in your diet can reduce inflammation to a great extent and keep you feeling more fresh and healthy. A good way to do so, is by adding a healthy turmeric smoothie recipe to your diet. This anti-inflammation turmeric smoothie recipe is created by combining other anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger, pineapples and mangoes. This smoothie is great to have when you start your day or if you are looking for a snack in between the day.

Why Should We Use Turmeric?

The adding of turmeric in your diet can boost your immunity to a great extent. Curcumin is an active ingredient which is found in turmeric that carries all the inflammatory properties. By incorporating curcumin in your diet, you can guard yourself from viruses, arthritis pain, and other health challenges.

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Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Smoothie Recipe

For the best anti-inflammatory turmeric smoothie recipe, you will be needing the following ingredients:

·       Few pieces of Fresh Ginger, grated – 25 grams

·       1 teaspoon of Turmeric Paste

·       7-8 cubes of Frozen Pineapple

·       7-8 cubes of Frozen Mango

·       1 teaspoon Coconut Oil

·       1 and a ½ cup of Water

Here’s the procedure to making the anti-inflammation turmeric smoothie:

Take the turmeric paste you have, add water, mangoes, and pineapples to this and blend. After a few spins, add in the coconut oil and allow it to settle in. Blend this further. You can add a bit of honey for sweetness, if you find the flavors too overpowering. Pour out the smoothie mixture into a glass.

It is preferable to chill the smoothie for a few minutes before consuming. Not only does this smoothie taste amazing, but it will be super healthy for you! Don’t forget to try out this amazing anti-inflammatory turmeric smoothie recipe.