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Tips for Getting a Zebra Striped Hair Style

If you are feeling adventurous and want a more exciting hair style, try a zebra hair style! Creating a zebra hair style doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s a simple matter of putting white stripes in a dark hair color. Here are some tips for getting a zebra hair style.

Permanent Colored Zebra Stripes

If you want your zebra stripe hair to last for a longer period, then you may want to choose a permanent hair dye to create the stripes you need. Here are some tips on how to create your stripes using permanent hair dye and bleach.

Start with a Dark Base

To create a zebra hair style, you need to start with a dark base for your hair style. While a true zebra look will have black hair as its base, you can create a funkier zebra style with dark brown or even red hair.

Add the Stripe

Let the base color set for a couple of days before creating the stripes. Since zebra stripes require a good number of stripes, you can use a hair-highlighting cap to pull the strands of hair you want to bleach through holes in the cap so that you can bleach them. Make sure that you section the hair so there will be a white stripe and then a dark stripe followed by another white stripe and then dark stripe until you have covered your entire hair.

If you don’t want to use a highlighting cap to create the stripes, you can use tinfoil, which will ensure that your stripes go through all of the layers of your hair. If you are using foil to create your zebra hair style, then use a brush to apply the bleach.

How to Use Hair Chalk to Create a Zebra Stripe Hair Style

For those of you who like being able to change your hair styles often, you can use hair chalk to create zebra stripe hair. Hair chalk can last for two or three shampoos, depending on the type of hair chalk and the darkness of your hair.

Start by placing a towel around your shoulders and using gloves. Dampen the strands of hair you plan to use the white chalk on. Then dampen the chalk as you apply it to your hair.

Since you don’t want the white hair chalk to get on the dark hair stripes, you may want to dry each stripe with a hairdryer before creating the next stripe.

In fact, we would suggest you use hair chalk to create a zebra stripe look to make sure you like the effect before you decide to use permanent dye to create a more long lasting look.Creating new hair styles can be fun, and a zebra style hair style is sure to gain you a lot of attention. Best of all, this style can be created in long or short hair. You can even learn how to French braid your own hair in a zebra hair style!