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The Zen of Planning: How to Do It and Why It Helps

The importance of planning cannot be overemphasized. It is a skill that should be learned early in life as it would be needed at every phase of life. Planning is a  great way to maximize an individual’s productivity. 

Planning puts everything you need to do right in front of you. If you want to stay at the top of the important activities in your life, you need to exhibit powerful planning skills. You need to learn effective planning skills as it remains useful throughout college years to business and managerial experiences. 

Simple Steps For How To Plan

Get yourself a custom padfolio or planner

To stay organized, competent, and vibrant, you need to employ planning as a strategy. To begin with, you need to get yourself a custom padfolio to use as a planner. A padfolio contains everything you need to succeed with planning. It has a paper planner and necessary writing materials with which you can write down your plans and goals.

Write your goals and challenges in your planner 

Having gotten yourself a custom padfolio, you can now begin to write your goals and challenges. Doing this helps you to review and keep track of the important things your life revolves around. It makes it easy for you to accomplish goals and projects. People who use planners have a higher tendency to accomplish their goals in a good time. 

Write down your ideas

Ideas can pop into your mind at any time. Having a planner to write down your ideas ensures that you remember them. Also, seeing your ideas on paper can motivate you to get started. 

Reflect on your planner daily 

You should check through your planner daily. Once you get used to the act of planning, it becomes a routine and you will always want to check your planner every day. Check your planner every evening to see the tasks you have the next day — and reflect on things you accomplished previously.

Always keep your planner in the open

You should always keep your custom padfolio in a place where you can easily see it. Have a fixed place for it, whether on the table or desk. Keep it where you keep your phone and wallet. If you won’t forget your phone or wallet at home, then you won’t forget your custom padfolio that is just beside it. 

Use a single planner 

You should have a single planner. This makes a custom padfolio one of the best options for planning. It comes with a planner that can help you find the act of planning easy. Using multiple planners scatters your schedule, plans, and ideas; you may end up never remembering some ideas. So, get a padfolio or planner to keep your thoughts, ideas, dates, and important plans in a single place.

Recap of the Benefits of Planning

  • Planning makes you confident in yourself. You can boast of always being prompt and meeting deadlines.
  • You feel more organized and productive
  • You feel less stressed as planning makes you feel you have effective control of your time and energy.
  • You feel capable of completing tasks