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A Red Hair Quote & How To Maintain Hair Dye Naturally

“Redheads keep the world on fire and men’s hearts ablaze.” This red hair quote by Kaliana Dietrich has a way of describing why this fiery hair color is so impactful. While true redheads are considered rare, which may be the basis of a slew of red hair quote slogans, almost anyone can be a redhead simply by dying their hair.

Many people who would like to dye their hair red, blonde, or even brunette hesitate due to the chemicals and ammonia in many hair dyes. The good news is that it’s possible to dye and maintain your your hair color naturally. One of the best natural hair dyes available is Herbatint hair coloring gel. This natural hair coloring product, available in many different colors including red and auburn, uses nutrient-rich botanicals to achieve the hair color. This hair dye is ammonia, paraben, and alcohol-free and is designed to make your hair from drying out and leave your hair shining.

3 Ways to Maintain Hair Dye Quality, Longer

Once you have used a more natural hair coloring gel to color your hair, you are going to want to maintain that beautiful hair color for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to maintain hair dye naturally.

Wait 72 Hours After Coloring Your Hair Before You Shampoo

It takes a bit of time for hair coloring to soak into your hair shafts and cuticles, so washing your hair too soon after coloring can wash some of your new color right down your kitchen or bathroom drain. Giving your hair three days to soak up all the color will help your new color last longer.

Choose Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Many shampoos and conditioners contain some form of sodium lauryl sulfate. While this additive provides the soapy bubbles that most of us have come to expect from our shampoos and soaps, it can also strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture. It will strip the dye from your hair as well. By using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when shampooing your hair, you can help maintain your hair dye longer and more naturally.

Add a Little Hair Dye to Your Conditioner

One tip that helps you maintain your hair dye naturally for longer is to add a little of your natural hair dye to your bottle of cream rinse, so every time you wash your hair and condition it, you are adding a bit of new dye to maintain your color until your roots grow out.

Using a natural hair coloring product and then maintaining your hair dye in the above-mentioned ways will not only give you long-lasting hair color, but can also be beneficial to your hair and your overall health. The next time someone comes up with a red hair quote, perhaps that quote will be directed at you and your new gorgeous red hair color.

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