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How to Use Instagram Hashtags

In today’s time, social media has taken the world by storm. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have made it impossible to live without them, and those that do are extremely rare. We try to make sure that our reader knows about all the minute details that will help them become tech-savvy and social media influencers. To help our reader become an influencer, we offer multiple ways in which Instagram can become your drug of choice.

To learn how to use Instagram hashtags in your favour, you first need to acknowledge the social media platform’s brilliance and how it has managed to change the marketing world. Everything today is done through Instagram, and its relevance is increasing day in day out.

What Are Hashtags and Why Are They Important?

To start with, what is a hashtag? A hashtag is a collection of words or sentences that you join together with no spaces in between. With hashtag availability, the tags you have made within the content become more discoverable and easier to find.

When you go to a post and see a hashtag, you can easily click on it, and it will take you to a string of posts related to the hashtag that you have clicked on.

Once you know what a hashtag is, it is essential to understand its importance. A hashtag makes your post easier to see by the public. Anyone who searches a specific hashtag and you have happened to use it in your post; they will get to see your post. This way, you will get more traffic on your page and thus an increase in follower count.

Type of Hashtags

There are different hashtags that you can use to increase public traffic and widen your viewer count. Here are just a few types to get you started:

Product Hashtag

This is a hashtag set to describe the kind of product you are selling to your audience. An example would be #pradabag.

Niche Hashtags

These are specific to an industry or an action that you want to promote. Something that most people would find interesting. An example would be #foodblogger.

Special Event Hashtags

These are hashtags that are centred around special holidays and special days. Most people want to see unique things on holiday and by using hashtags to promote special things will help increase traffic on your page. An example would be #nationalsiblingsday.

With these few hashtag types, you can make your posts more viral and tuned with today’s world.

If you are using hashtags on your posts, it is necessary to know that you can use up to 30 hashtags in one post, no more than that. The reason for that is because the more hashtags you have, the more viral and far-reaching your post can be.

Always remember that hashtags can make or break your post. What matters is not what you have posted but what the hashtag is with your post. Be careful and post hashtags that are trending globally, even if it has nothing to do worth your post. The more reach a hashtag has, the more the public will see your post.