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How to French Braid Your Own Hair

French braids are elegant looking and can be a great way to keep your hair looking neat and pretty much all day long. However, most people feel that French braiding hair is a complicated process and almost impossible to achieve when trying to French braid your own hair. While it will take a bit of practice to become efficient at it, French braiding your own hair is something you can definitely achieve. Here are the steps to follow on how to French braid your own hair.

How to French Braid Your Own Hair in 6 Steps

Step 1. To French braid your hair, start with hair that has been washed a day or two before you attempt to braid your it. Freshly washed and conditioned hair will make your hair strands slippery, and you want some of your hair to have a bit of texture to it since this makes it easier to braid.

Step 2. Start at the crown of your head and separate you hair into three even sections. Take the left section of hair and cross it over in between the right and center section of your hair just like you are creating a normal braid.

Step 3. This third step is where you really begin to learn how to French braid your hair, because this is the point where you begin slowly adding in the rest of your hair as you braid. Using your index fingers pick up about 1/2” of your hair just outside both sides of the braid you have started and pull them into your braid. With each new section in your braid, continue to pick up more of your hair and work them into your braid.

Step 4. Let the shorter hair around the braid fall out of your braid naturally. You can either leave these shorter strands or use hair spray to smooth them back with the rest of the hair at the side of your head after you’re done.

Step 5. As you near the end of your braid, leave about 2 inches of your hair unbraided and secure it with a rubber band or elastic.

Step 6. To loosen the braid slightly and make your hair look fuller, you can shake the tail of your braid to loosen it and present a thicker overall look.

Once you know how to French braid your own hair, you can practice these steps until your get that braid perfect. You can also use French braiding to create a variety of different hair styles.

For example, you can make a French braid on each side of your head and then join it at back forming a heart shape for an elegant hair style for a more formal occasion. In addition, you could opt to create two French braids one on either side of the head just around your skull and then leave the rest of your hair free, or work the rest of your hair into a bun or ponytail. There is a unique and fun style of French braiding available for every length and texture of hair.

So go ahead and experiment! (There are even French braiding video tutorials if you need extra help.) You’ll learn how to create your very own French braid styles to wear for every occasion.