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How to DIY Wedding Flowers

No wedding is complete without flowers. Even the simplest of weddings will have some sort of flower decorations. This is because flowers are beautiful and they add value to the overall beauty and aesthetics of the event. 

Increasing Popularity of DIY Wedding Flowers

DIY weddings are becoming more and more popular. In the wedding industry, DIY weddings are on the rise because they are a great way for couples to save money and do something creative together. The popularity of DIY weddings has also led to a rise in DIY wedding flowers. With this trend, people who don’t have any floral knowledge can still make beautiful bouquets for their weddings with just a few tips from experts.

Follow the Following Steps to Make DIY Wedding Flower Bouquets 

DIY wedding flowers are a great option to save money and have your own personal touch. It is not too hard to fill your bouquet with some beautiful roses, tulips, or daisies. You can also use flowers that match your wedding theme or the season.

Depending on what you are looking for, there are many different techniques for making a bouquet. The steps below will show you how to make a bouquet with the traditional technique of floral design.

1. Start with gathering your supplies: (filler flowers, green foliage, wire and ribbon) cut the stems at an angle so they’re easier to handle

2. Take two pieces of wire about 3 inches long and twist them together to form a horseshoe shape that is open on the end.

3. Wrap it in floral tape until it is secure and then slip one end through the other- this is your stems

4. Fill the bottom of the horseshoe with filler flowers

5. Place green foliage behind the flower arrangement and tie it in place with floral tape and voila! Your DIY wedding flower bouquet is ready.

Other DIY Wedding Flower Projects

DIY wedding flower ideas aren’t just limited to bouquets but many other projects like background decorations, table decorations and many other things can also be included in your DIY wedding flowers project.  You can do this by looking for ideas online or by getting advice from a professional or it can be a combination of all things. You can look for ideas online and discuss those ideas with a professional and then start your DIY wedding flowers project on your own or with your friends and family who are helping you with all the arrangements. 

Wedding flowers are as much about color, lines and textures as they are about fragrance.

Choosing your flowers is a difficult and critical decision, especially if you are planning to do it yourself. Keep in mind that the type of flowers you use will depend on the season, but there are some flowers that work in any season.

You have two options: either buy fresh or buy dried. If you want to buy fresh, get them from a local florist or farmers market. If you want to buy dried bouquets online, you should buy from companies that offer bulk deals for weddings and other special events.