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How to Cover Walls for a Wedding Reception

You’ve found the perfect venue for your wedding reception. The venue has a nice large dance floor, plenty of room for tables, but one or more of the walls of the venues are covered in plaques that the owners of the venue don’t want you to remove. However, those plaques on the wall are less than romantic and may even clash with the theme or your planned wedding decorations.

Since you can’t remove the plaques, the best thing to do is cover the walls over them. Most venues will allow you to place coverings on walls, as long as you don’t permanently place holes or damage the walls in any other way. Here are some ideas on how to cover walls for a wedding reception, to keep with the theme or style of the wedding.

How to Cover Walls for Wedding Reception: 4 Options

Insta-Theme Backdrops

Insta-Theme backdrops are backdrops that come in a variety of different themes, and one may be perfect for your wedding reception. These backdrops measure about 4 foot high and about 30 feet long, making them a good choice for covering up those unsightly plaques or pictures. You can choose from such themes as autumn, night skyline, Mardi Gras, medieval castle, or your choice of several other backdrops.

Tulle and Lights

You can use double-sided tape and tulle to create a curtain wall that is perfect for a wedding, especially if you add some white Christmas lights that hang down the curtains. These items should be available from any crafts and hobby store. You will need to keep in mind that tulle is a pretty see-through material, so you may want to choose a double or triple thickness of tulle to hide anything on the walls. Adding the lights will help to draw attention away from anything that may be slightly visible behind the tulle.

Metallic Foil Curtains

Knowing how to cover walls for a wedding reception with metallic foil curtains is simple. You just need double-sided table. Start at one corner of the wall and move along the wall, making sure the tape is stuck well to both the curtain top and the wall. If you want to place the foil curtain an inch or so away from the wall and the wall is no more than 12 feet tall, you can use an extra long extension rod to hang your metallic curtains.

Plastic Table Cloths

A cheap solution on how to cover walls for a wedding reception is to use inexpensive plastic Dollar Store table cloths and double-sided tape. These tablecloths come in a variety of solid colors and work well for a less formal reception if you are also planning on using balloons or tree branches in planters in front of the cloths as part of your wedding reception décor.

Knowing how to cover walls for a wedding reception can turn that almost perfect wedding reception venue into a functional venue that adds to the beauty of your overall reception décor without removing any of the plaques or pictures that the owners of the venue want to remain there.