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How to Become a Freelance Model

Modeling is a tough and highly competitive career. To be successful a model, you need to not only have the right look, but also be poised, organized, and have an excellent work ethic. While most models sign with a modeling agency, which will find job opportunities for them, others prefer to work for themselves and find their own jobs.

While becoming a freelance model is not easy, it certainly can be done, and many freelance models make a good living – with some even commanding top pay. This blog post will give you some general information on how to become a freelance model. If you’re wondering how to become a freelance model, here are some of the tools you’ll need.

3 Tools You’ll Need to Becoming a Freelance Model

You Must Be Photogenic

In order to learn how to become a freelance model, you must be photogenic. Today’s models come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is that look great in photographs. This important because almost all models are hired once the client looks at their portfolio, which is basically a photo album of you in various outfits and poses in various poses with the pictures done by a professional photographer. If you aren’t photogenic, your chances of becoming any kind of model are extremely slim if not impossible. 

Take Modeling Courses 

Like any career, modeling takes a variety of skills and requires at least some basic knowledge. Modeling courses are a great way to gain the skills and knowledge you need. These courses include everything from teaching you how to walk, the right posture, how to pose, and proper physical fitness and grooming techniques. They even have classes on how to deal with stress. While it is not always a requirement, having a modeling certificate from an accredited modeling school is helpful in your quest to become a freelance model.

Have a Great Portfolio

As mentioned before your will also need a portfolio in which to introduce yourself to a prospective client. Until you get your first professional modeling job your portfolio should contain professionally done photographs of you in a number of different outfits, in different poses and in different locations. The initial cost of a good portfolio can be expensive but will be well worth it if it helps you to get a job.

How to Find Freelance Modeling Work

The next step in learning how to become a freelance model is knowing how to find work. Breaking into the modeling business is no easy task so you may have to begin with taking less glamorous jobs. Here are some examples for beginners.

Work as a trade show model.

This can mean long tiring hours of standing on your feet during a trade show and modeling with less than glamorous items. But the work will help you to gain experience and show potential clients that you are willing to work hard.

Become an advertisement model.

Some companies, especially clothing companies hire models to model an outfit for a clothing catalog or an advertisement in the local paper. While these jobs are low paying, they are helpful in your gaining both experience and paying the rent while you look for better-paying work.

Join networking sites.

You should also check out networking modeling sites such as Model Mayhem and Model Management, as well as network with other models who might recommend you for a job you are suited for. Sometimes these sites offer freelance modeling work. Just be careful to vet out fake offers, as there are many online scams and creepers out there.

While freelance modeling is far from easy with the right personal qualities and determination, you can be successful in your career.

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