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Fun Ways to Use Paint Pens for Wood Crafts

Wood crafts can be a great hobby for people of all different ages, and with places like Amazon and online hobby shops, you can get any number of all ready cut wood crafts that you can simply paint. Whether you want to paint wooden Christmas ornaments, name plaques for your child’s room, or decorative wooden trays for your home décor, using paint pens for wood crafts can be fun and give you more control over your various designs.

What are Paint Pens for Wood Crafts?

Paint pens for wood crafts normally are made using acrylic paint and look very much like permanent markers. The tips of these paint pens come in a variety of different sizes, so you can choose the pen with as fine or as wide of a tip as you want. You can find paint pens and paint markers at your local arts and craft store, or at hobby stores.

Fun Ways to Use Paint Pens for Wood Crafts

Here are some fun ways to use those paint pens for decorating various wood crafts.

  • You can use a paint pen to create a bold border around lettering on your wood crafts. This will create a 3D effect for your letters, making them look like they stand out. This is great when lettering your child’s name on a plaques, or on wooden trays used for home décor.
  • Paint pens are also great for adding fine details to wooden Christmas ornaments. Thin-tipped paint pens are great for adding fine details to Santa’s face and beard, a reindeer saddle, or holly and berries to a snowman’s hat.
  • It’s fun to create freehand drawings on wooden plaques, ornaments, or other wooden surfaces. Most people have an easier time drawing designs or small figures with paint pens for wood crafts than using a paint brush.
  • Paint pens make it easier to add polka dots or stripes to wooden Easter eggs than using a brush and paint.
  • Paint pens are particularly fun for doing crafts with smaller children and they make far less of a mess, since the paint is contained.

Paint Pens and Stencils

Many stencils that are made to use with paint have fine details that are difficult to get properly when using a paint brush. Paint pens can help you to fill in those fine details that are included in many stencils, allowing you to complete the crafts much more neatly.

Paint pens for wood crafts come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. In addition, paint pen kits for wood crafts come with several different numbers of pens. You can get small sets for children that contain only 8 or 10 pens, or larger sets containing 32 to 48 paint pens for people who do a lot of wood crafts. One of the best things about paint pens for wood crafts is that once you’re done using the paint, you just replace the cap, and there are no brushes to clean.