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Fun Girl Arts and Crafts Ideas

Most children enjoy arts and crafts. So although there is not necessarily any reason why boys should not enjoy handicraft too, there is a wide choice of products and sets described as girl art and crafts.  This is helpful to parents and people looking to shop for presents of course, but it does exclude boys from doing craft if any craft set is too overly pink or girly.

6 Girl Arts and Crafts Kits

Many girls enjoy jewelry making. LOL Surprise is a jewelry making set that lets girls share secret messages as well so this set works on a couple of levels. The set comes with over 400 beads, charms, stickers cord and a message decoder. It is suitable for girls aged 5 and older.

For older girls and teens, the Monochef DIY Charm bracelet kit looks to hit the right spot. You get loads of charms, beads and trinkets to make bracelets, necklaces, and pendants, and the whole kit is packaged in a box adorned with a unicorn. 

Girl art and crafts don’t have to just be designed around unicorns and jewellery. We loved Oriental Cherry Crafts for kids, which is a kit to make and decorate two cute birdhouses. Suitable for children as young as 3 (with adult supervision) and 12 year olds without supervision, the birdhouses will look great in your garden and ideal for boosting practical skills.

Bath bombs are cool and trendy. The Klutz Make Your Own Bath bombs Activity Kit gives you a way to make your own bath bombs, teaching you to make the perfect fizz and much more. Suitable for girls aged between 10 and 12, this kit is a great way to boost an interest in science as well as have fun along the way. 

All girls are believed to love fairies and unicorns but we admit we were captivated by the 2Pepers DIY Fairy and Unicorn Nightlight Craft Kit (2 Pack). This provides everything you need to make fairy lanterns including the lanterns, led fairy lights, wands, glitter glue and an attractive selection of stencils. Aimed at girls between 4 and 12, it is described as a wish come true for every girl.

If you fancy moving away from pink, fairies and unicorns, the IQ Builder Arts and Crafts Kit has plenty to offer for girls and boys. This kit is a combination of colouring in with 3D puzzle options. So if you fancy constructing a beautifully coloured in model of the Eiffel Tower, an elephant or a butterfly, you can find it all here in this innovative kit.

Girl arts and crafts don’t have to be overly girly to be a great gift. Although many girls do enjoy playing with pink toys and do enjoy unicorns and fairies, there is a case that the reasons they enjoy these stereotypical girl gifts is because this is what is expected and available. There are as a result, plenty of these kits available but if you do take time to look, you can find a whole range of other craft kits on offer too.