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Fashion Trends in the Style of America

Fashion trends come and go, and people in every country around the world have their own styles regarding various fashion trends (whether they’re tasteful or tasteless). Here is a look at some good and some bad fashion trends in the style of America that are considered popular now. 

5 Fashion Trends in the Style of America

Flashy Logos

One of the fashion trends in the style of America that seems to be pretty unique is wearing flashy logos for everyone to see. Modest men and women in international countries may prefer to hide logos under their clothing instead of on their chest, but popular brands like Nike, Fubu, and Polo can be found all over American clothing. The wearing of flashy logos tends to be something that is primary a trendy style in America.

Following Trends Too Closely

Another fashion trend that seems unique to Americans is wearing every fashion trend that comes along, whether it suits a person’s personality or their body shape. (Take for example the idea of skinny jeans, which do not look flattering on larger body types, or on men for that matter.) Women in other countries tend to wear the trends that suit them the best and leave the rest, but many American women do not feel well dressed unless all of their clothes are the latest trend.

While women from other countries tend to choose clothing they like whether or not they are currently trendy, Americans tend to follow society’s standards rather than their own sense of taste and personal style. This may explain why Americans tend to spend more money on clothing each year.

Athleisure Wear Has Become the Trendy Style of America

While many countries have and use athleisure clothing, the wearing of athleisure wear for every casual occasion and even for work is a huge trend in America. Athleisure wear combines urban influences with sports or fitness and fashion influences, resulting in comfortable clothing that people wear whether working out or going shopping or to lunch. Take for example high fashion yoga pants worn outside of the gym. When celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Beyonce began wearing athleisure wear in public, Americans picked up the trend and turned it into a lifestyle. 

The Wearing of Several Bright Colors at Once 

American women tend to wear several bright colors at once, mixing and mashing patterns even if they’re an eyesore. While bright colors can add a lot to your wardrobe and make a fashion statement, women in most other countries tend to combine bright colors or patterns with more neutral articles of clothing, tending towards more classic rather than ultra trendy styling.


Another fashion trend in the style of America is the tendency to over-accessorize outfits. This can be seen with the wearing of rings on every finger, three necklaces at once, and multiple bracelets, for example.

While not every American man or woman tends to wear fashion trends in the manner discussed above, even if they’re a freelance model, these trends in the style of America do seem to be the rule rather than the exception. This tends to leave Americans the ultimate slaves to fashion trends rather than having fashion trends that are original and work for them.