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How to Make Cute DIY Christmas Cards

These DIY Christmas cards would spread a lot of cheer and joy in your home for the time you’ll need it. They help span a range of skill levels for crafts. Some of these are created for huge DIY fans out there. This article will show you some different DIY Christmas cards and small details on how to make them.

How to Make Cute DIY Christmas Cards

  1. Paper Wreath Card

To make this, all you need to do is to punch some circles in a few festive patterns, and then you’ll have your very own festive wreath for the holidays. They are quite easy to make. You can use them as ornaments, gift toppers, or even decorations to Christmas cards.

  1. Tie-Dye Card with Snowman

This is the DIY project for hippies at heart. Just bring in some of that warm fun into winter using this happy snowman. He sports a tie-dye style scarf using buttons. You can also make use of this technique to create a tie-dye garland on a Christmas tree. This is a wonderful project for kids.

  1. Scrapbook Paper Card with Trees

You can take all the scrapbook paper that you won’t make use of anymore and put some paper into any pattern with the color green that you’ve got. You can simply upcycle this into lovely evergreens. You can make use of these on a card and if you have any extra remaining, you can put them up to serve as a 3D decoration which you could make use of in your home.

  1. Melted Snowman Card with Tealight

This epic craft is supposed to be an ornament. It works properly too as a 3D card. You can hand this up on a tree after you’re done. The tealight adds to the overall effect. You could make this look like Olaf from Frozen. Your kids are going to love this DIY Christmas card. Especially if they are fans of this Disney cartoon. Luckily it has a tealight too, it’ll just merge and look like Olaf completely.

  1. Doily Tree DIY for Christmas

After folding carefully, you have a tree that looks great in its winter whites. You can stick on ornaments that you’ll like. Add in as much as possible till your heart feels like it is enough. This is Christmas. There is no better time to do exactly what you want to like this Christmas period. And you know it.

  1. Fingerprint Holly Card with Berry

If you want to add in a touch personally, you can add in a fingerprint stamp and then put in berries or a holly sprig to the wreath. You can also get a printable free template for the leaves and the wreath.

  1. Christmas card with Unicorn

All reindeers excuse me. This unicorn is here to stay. It is the new emblem for animals for this Christmas. Yes, you all know it!