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Cute Ways To Recycle Items For Craft Projects


We need to teach our kids the importance of recycling and how as good human beings we can have our mother earth from more damage. Below are a few ideas for craft projects which are not only fun but easily doable and can help you recycle various materials around us. 

A Nature Walk Inspired Wreath

It will be extremely fun to take your kids out for a walk. This may not be like other boring walks but you can let your child collect all the fallen leaves, flowers, branches and wrappers. Once the items are collected you can bring them home, and by using any old t-shirt ne can braid all the items together into a fine circle. There you go, you have your nature inspired wreath all ready to be hanged anywhere.

A Unique Quilt 

We need to understand that textile industries contribute a lot in the growing pollution, fast fashion has brought us to a place where the fashion changes every other day. By using all the old t-shirts, shirts, dresses at home, one can teach their kid how to effectively recycle cloth. Once cut the cloth can be sown together by the help of an elder to make a quilt. This can teach your kid a great way of recycling cloth while also having sentimental values for the quilt. One can take t-shirts from all the house members and in a way your kid will have them all close every time he drapes the quilt over him.

Bathing Toys

You can ask your child to collect all the different caps from bottles. Once they have an entire collection of caps of different sizes, you can ask your child to paint them bright colors and make them different sea creatures. These bottle cap toys can be used to play in the bathtub later on. This is on effective yet creative way of recycling the plastic around us. You can also teach your kid about how damaging the plastic can be in real life for our marine creatures.

Wind Chimes 

Wind chimes can be made at home with the kids easily by various materials. You can use cans to make wind chimes. Color the cans with bright colors and attach it to a thread and hang it in your balcony. Instead of can one can also use materials that are found easily but makes a noise. One can also use plastic bottles and other containers to perform this art. This will not only help you indulge in some positive fun filled activity with your kid but will also give you an opportunity where you can tell your child about how plastic can damage our world and what can we do to prevent it from happening.

Hanging Pots

You can hang your plants easily in all these containers. You can use plastic containers or cartons to create small pots for your plants. Paint them with bright colors and hang them, there you go; your hanging pot is ready to shine.

It is extremely important to create awareness amongst our children from an early age about the growing problem of pollution, global warming and nurture them in ways that are environment friendly so that in the future they do not possess a threat to our earth and contribute in the best way they can to recycle.