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Creativity Elements to Include in Your Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is a major way to open the doors of positivity and happiness for yourself. It feels good to sit at your desk and count your blessings after a long day. People who keep gratitude journals find it easy to maintain a positive mood, stay energized, and feel ready for the world each day. They are always looking forward to writing what they are grateful for, and this drives and makes them optimistic and positive about each day.

Day by day, you can take control of your mind with a gratitude journal. You can set your mind on the light even when your surrounding is dark. You can appreciate who you are, what you have, and where you are, rather than replaying past problems. Gratitude journals aren’t like a random diary where you write random thoughts and ideas. They are meant to hold the things you are grateful for.

A typical gratitude journal involves writing, but even while at it, you can add creativity elements to make you enjoy using your journal. Adding the following creativity elements can help you get the most out of your gratitude journal.

3 Aspects of Creativity Elements for Your Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Tracker

A gratitude tracker helps you stay committed to giving thanks and stating the things that you are grateful for every day. You can build a gratitude tracker yourself or buy one. Set a reminder for a particular time to enter the things you are grateful for in the tracker. Also, set a number for things to write daily. You can begin with three things each day.

This will help you to look deep and everywhere, from the biggest to the smallest things. The gratitude tracker can help you to see reasons to be grateful for everything around you.

Write Dates

Special dates are good creativity elements that can help you enjoy your gratitude journey more. Write special dates in your gratitude journal. Write the dates and details about the special things you’ve always hoped for happened to you. It makes you look back and feel intensely excited about hoping and living. For instance, you can write “I’m grateful for May 9, 2015, the day I launched my business.” Looking back to such date will keep you beaming with joy and motivate you to forge ahead because you want to have more memorable dates.

Create a Ritual

Create a ritual to repeat each time you want to journal. The essence of the ritual is to call your mind, body, and spirit to action. Creating a ritual can easily make journaling a habit for you. Examples of rituals to adopt include lighting a candle, trying out aromatherapy, chanting a meditation, playing a favorite song, drinking a cup of tea, or saying a calm prayer.

Choose a ritual and be consistent with it. Any ritual you choose is a way to align your senses, mind, and body to focus on the moment of gratitude. Consistency with your ritual will make gratitude journaling a relaxing and motivational habit for you.