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Creative Jello Shot Ideas

If you are planning a party and are looking for a new way to serve those alcoholic beverages, then why not try out some creative jello shots ideas?

While most people have seen those jello shots made with vodka and served in those little plastic cups at college parties and football tailgates, jello shots can actually be dressed up to serve as a treat for even formal occasions. Here are some tips for creative jello shot ideas.

Basic Jello Shot Recipe

No matter what your jello shot idea is, it will start with a basic jello shot recipe. Keep in mind that you can use any type of alcohol for your jello shot from champagne to beer. FYou simply need a package of jello, the correct amount of hot water, and an equal amount of cold liquor. (The liquor replaces the cold water.)

Then simply mix your jello shot in a large container with a pouring spout, and then fill each of the containers that you plan to serve your jello shot in and refrigerator for 2 to 4 hours. Then add final touches before serving.

Some Great Jello Shot Ideas for Every Occasion

Here are some great jello shot ideas for almost every occasion, from weddings and anniversaries to Christmas and birthday parties and summer barbecues and more.

Jello Shots Served in a Fancy Glass

You can dress up your jello shot by serving them in a fancy glass such as champagne flute or a brandy snifter. Simply make the shots the way you normally would and then pour them into the fancy glass of your choice. When you are ready to serve, place some small fruit pieces on a fancy toothpick and then serve the jello shot with a spoon.

Place Your Jello Shot in Orange, Lime, or Lemon Wedges

One of the different creative jello shot ideas you can try is pouring your jello shots into fruit wedges. Try serving orange jello shots in orange wedges, Lime jello shots in lime wedges, or lemon jello shots in lemon wedges for a really cute way to serve those jello shots for a spring or summer party.

Make a Jello Shot Cake

Why not forget about those jello shots and instead make a jello shot cake or jello mold? A great looking jello cake can be made with lemon jello, champagne, and slices of strawberries. You can even top your jello mold or cake with champagne infused whip cream.

Shaped Jello Shots

You can use shaped candy molds to make pretty shaped jello shots for different occasions. For example, you could use shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, hearts for Valentine’s Day, or Santa shapes for Christmas.

Just make sure that you lightly spray the molds before pouring in the jello to make sure that they are easy to remove. Then serve them on a plate.

We hope these creative jello shot ideas help to make your next party a little more fun and tasty for both you and your guests!