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Best Stretches for Toe Touches Before Running

Stretches are an essential pre-run exercise or warm-up session to prepare your body before running. These pre-run exercises are as important as the run itself. It’s tough to run with stiff or tight muscles, so you need to loosen them up with stretches for toe touches. Skipping stretches before running may set you up for a workout injury, but prepping your muscles for a run helps you to stay safe and healthy during and after running.

Stretches for toe touches work on the muscle groups you will be engaging while running. They loosen up the leg muscles, glutes, and hip flexors.  They are a range of stretches that loosen up your muscles to prevent the risk of injury and soreness.

To activate your muscles and improve flexibility for a run, the following are best stretches for toe touches you should do before running.

4 Stretches for Toe Touches

Hamstring Stretch

Hamstrings are the muscles that make up the posterior part of your thighs, stretching from the hip down to the knee. A simple hamstring stretch can relieve hamstring tightness and activate your hamstring muscles for running.

To perform a simple hamstring stretch, stand with your feet together. Fold forward at your waist to touch your toes. You can also spread your legs apart while you fold at the waist to touch your toes. Hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds and repeat for at least times before running.

Leg Swings (Hip Flexor)

Leg swings help flex the hips and relieve built-up tension. These stretches can prevent hip bone soreness after running. To perform this stretch, find a wall to hold onto. Keep your torso straight and tall, swing one leg forward, as far it can go, then stretch your torso forward to touch your toes. You will feel a stretch in your hamstring and hips. Repeat the swing with the other leg. Leg swings are just very simple. Do a 3-minute warm-up with leg swings before running.

Iliotibial Band Stretch

IT band (iliotibial band) are two words that continuously ring through in runners’ training. There is an intense focus on the IT band, because running can easily irritate this connective tissue that runs from the hips to the knee. Stretching the IT band before running prevents bowing of the femur, which may cause pain sensation along the outside of the knee.

To perform this, cross your right foot over your left, fold towards your hip and reach out to touch your toes with your fingers. Push your feet close without moving while maintaining this position. Hold the position for 15-30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat three times before running.

Quad Stretch

Your quads give you a lot of running power, so you should charge them up before running. They are quite easy to perform. Stand on your right leg and lift your left heel towards your butt and hold with your left hand. Hold your foot up for 15-30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat three times.

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