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Beauty Crafts: Clever Uses for Mirror Vanity Trays

Mirrored vanity trays often have intricate and beautiful scrollwork on the metal or wood part of the tray and can be used for a number of different uses. With a little imagination you can turn any mirrored vanity tray into works of art, such as elegant mirrors, decorative pieces, and several other unique and beautiful items for your home. Here is a look at some clever uses for mirror vanity trays.

5 Uses for Mirror Vanity Trays

An Elegant Tea Set Tray

If you have a large vanity tray with beautiful handles, you can easily turn that vanity tray into a tea tray for that expensive and elegant tea set that you have been wanting to show off. The mirrored body of the tray will reflect the design and colors in your tea set and add a touch of sophistication to your next tea party.

Candle Holder Display

You can use a small round or rectangular mirror vanity tray to display your more elegant candle holders complete with candles. Choose a tray with shorter sides so that the reflection of the candle holder and candles can be clearly seen. You can then use this display as a centerpiece on your dining room table or place it on the fireplace mantel to add a decorative touch to your dining or living room.

Make a Tiered-Serving Tray

You can take two or three round-mirrored vanity trays of different sizes. Simply start with the largest tray and adhere a wide based glass or metal candle holder to the center of the tray with the part that holds the candle adhered to the tray. (If using metal candleholders, choose a metal that matches that frame of the mirrored vanity trays.) Place the next largest vanity tray on base of the candleholder and adhere it to the base after making sure it is centered. You can then use the tray to serve chocolate covered strawberries or other small food items for those more formal occasions.

Use Those Mirrored Vanity Trays as an Actual Mirror

You can actually use a mirrored vanity tray as an actual mirror in your bedroom or a guest room. You will want to choose a tray with shorter sides and some nice scroll work (perhaps scalloped edges) and attach a wire hanger to back and hang on the wall.

Turn Those Mirror Vanity Trays into a Work of Art

If you are good at etching or frosting glass, you can turn an old mirror vanity tray into a work of art to hang on your wall. There are a wide variety of stencils you can use to create your frosted work of art, and when complete, you will have something beautiful to give as a gift or keep and display yourself.

With a lot of imagination and a little bit of effort, there are some really clever uses for mirror vanity trays. What will you choose to do with yours?