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7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day During the Pandemic

We are going to celebrate Father’s Day in few months. On this special day, you might enjoy the day with your dad while going out for some picnic and having a fun cookout, playing sports in a big playground or going to his favorite restaurant. This year, however, the situation is a little different because of the Coronavirus outbreak, but that does not mean you cannot devote your love to your dad. So just like all other holidays during the pandemic, celebrate this day with your dad, keeping all the safety precautions in mind. It is the right time to show your inner creativity and make your dad feel special.

Your dad, your ideal man and superhero, deserves celebration in a big way. Here, we have got some amazing ideas to celebrate Father’s Day, from hiking and other outdoor activities to fun at-home activities. These quarantine-friendly Father’s Day ideas will tell your father how much you care for him and love him.

Here are some ideas to make him remember this one.

Arrange a hearty brunch for him

Start Father’s Day with a beautiful table set for him with his favorite dishes. From scrambled eggs to, waffles, pancakes, and crepes served with fresh orange juice or maybe a shot of espresso. Make him feel like a king at the start of his beautiful morning. Imagine how happy he will be after seeing the table, all done by his loved one.

Plan a home picnic at your home garden

So what, if you cannot go out for a picnic, you can arrange one at your home. Grab a basket full of fruits and sandwiches. You can also plan a backyard BBQ at your place and have quality time with your family while listening to some good songs.

Host movie night at your terrace

If the weather is good, plan a movie night at your terrace. Decorate your home terrace with fairy lights and scented candles. Set your projector on a plain wall and watch your dad’s favorite movie. And do not forget to serve some popcorn and chilled coke.  

Play some family games

Start playing with charades or go for some board games. You can play sports in your courtyard. Cheer up your dad’s mood and make sure he chooses the game himself.

Sit and see your memorable pictures with him

Well, the most fun time is when you sit with your family and go through recalling some memorable events or looking through your old pictures. So what you can do is grab two cups of coffee for you and your dad, sit back and watch the old memorable photos. Enjoy!

Set a spa at home for him

Your dad also deserves a relaxing day at home. Turn your home into a spa with some scented candles and relaxing music. Then you can treat him with pedicure and manicure. Make his day a relaxing one!

A gift for him

Last but not least, get him a wonderful gift! So you can get a beautiful bunch of flowers and give him a Polo T. shirt or maybe a nice perfume.