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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ladyplace: The Making of a Living Room Gallery Wall

So if you recall from my post a few days ago, here is what we were left with after rearranging my living room furniture. An arrangement that made sense, but a very sad, very empty wall above the sofa.

So, in true Alaina fashion, I did what I’ve done time and time before… collected my art, grabbed a hammer and some nails, and started banging holes in the wall.

Well, it was slightly more organized…
I had all of my art stacked in various piles around my tiny new apartment, waiting for a permanent wall home…  I laid a number of the pieces out and realized two common themes: 
1. black and white. 2. Paris. 

Sounds like a good plan for my main living space if you ask me. So I puzzle pieced them together until it made sense. Then I eyeballed/made some rudimentary measurements and started hanging…

a few here…

a few there…

still need to fill in the gaps…

There she is!

The sparkles are the sun’s reflection on my disco ball. Naturally.

and from an another angle

gallery wall sources:

1. ferris wheel // paris print shop

2. kimberly genevieve photo of jihan zencirli for the everygirl

3. watercolor bought in prague

4. yellow buildings in paris // etsy but can’t find source

5. personal photo

6. origin // alicia bock postcard

7. vintage shaving mirror // curiosity in charleston, sc

8. kimberly genevieve photo of jihan zencirli for the everygirl

9. eiffel tower print // alaina kaczmarski (me!)

10. letterpress print // west elm

11. graffiti kiss // paris print shop

12. kimberly genevieve photo of jihan zencirli for the everygirl

13. vintage silhouettes // curiosity in charleston, sc

I bought these vintage and antique silhouettes in Charleston. 
I think they give it that something special don’t you?

Here’s the whole thing in motion…
gif’s are fun.

The pups are pleased they match the room.

Next post: the new coffee table and other changes in the living room!

Three cheers for finally posting! Hip hip hooray!


  1. Looking good! You definitely got the job done!



  2. You are the queen of gallery walls! I've been meaning to do this above my couch for some time now … this may have been the inspiration I needed to get moving.


  3. Looks amazing! Loving the black and white theme!


  4. I love it! Gallery walls are the best, they can set the mood for the room. I haven't been able to successfully achieve an eclectic gallery wall like you have here, I posted about mine on my blog too.

    Perfect GIF usage, I love it haha (and I really REALLY liked how you numbered and sourced the prints).

    Surrounded by Pretty


  5. Love it! This is such great inspiration 🙂


  6. Are you selling your current coffee table? I'm looking for one now..


  7. LOVE IT!!!! it looks so great! your wall may grow once you come back from your trip and have new pictures to add!
    ps i wish i lived in chicago because i want to steal your coffee table!


  8. I love your gallery wall! It's inspiration for the mine, which is a work in progress. Any recommendations for good places (aside from Etsy) to look for pieces?


  9. Love this, Alaina! Your place is really coming together 🙂


  10. Gosh you are one talented girl, I love this!