ive been in love with love

Friday, April 12, 2013

I’ve been in love with love…

It’s funny because today we posited the question to Everygirl readers: how would you spend your perfect day? And it just so happens I have such a great little weekend planned, starting with today.

I was up and at it early this morning to meet with a group of students from University of Iowa. We had coffee and I answered questions about a career in journalism. Talking with students is one of my favorite things to do since I wish I had someone to sit me down when I was 22 and tell it to me like it is. I gave them as much advice as possible: about starting a blog, building it, pitching ideas and getting published, internships, utilizing social media, etc. Hopefully it was helpful for them!

This afternoon Danielle and I are headed to a Cubs game “on business” w/ the folks from Federated and HTC. Man, working for yourself has its perks. Sure it’s cold, but when is a baseball game not fun? Never. The answer is baseball is never not fun.

And tonight I’ll be drinking a little too much wine while dancing to these guys-the Mowgli’s-at their sold out show at Schuba’s. I love live music. And I also dare you not to like this song. It’s too darn catchy I tell ya.

Favorite Lyrics:

I lost my head in San Francisco,

waiting for the fog to roll out,

but I found it in a raincloud.

It was smiling down.

Tomorrow I have a long overdue day date with my sister-lunch and pedicures-followed by a girls dinner and ladies night out with my girlfriends. Fun cubed.

What’s in store for you? Any exciting plans? Or busy bees?

Either way, I hope you all have a happy weekend!



fantastic weekend ahead! enjoy!! xo

Folle De Joie

That sounds so great!

I'm in store for a busy weekend, trying to catch up on everything before the work week! Have fun xx


and check out my latest post, here: http://bit.ly/XHuPLP


I went to Iowa and was a communications major graduating in 2010. I would have loved to meet and talk with you The Everygirl had been around two and a half years ago! Loving that my alma mater, Iowa, got a little shout out today 🙂


Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Jealous of all the fun…my weekend is full of spring cleaning. ;)Cheers!


WEEEEE I absolutely love that song! Makes me want to dance around too! Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend 🙂

Love your blog and just started my own. Would love your feedback.




sounds so fun! i love this song. i've listened to it three times already.

Suzy Smith

I'm officially obsessed with this song! I've already listened to it three times in a row. Thanks for sharing!


Sounds so fun!! I've got a family dinner tonight & another dinner tomorrow for my brother's birthday. Hopefully lots of yummy food will be involved 🙂 xo


That song makes me feel so happy! Thanks for posting.

Nikki Green Caprara

Sounds so fun! We have had a weekend of remodeling. Even though it's a lot of work, the end result is fun 😉