i can see you but you cant see me

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

i can see you but you can’t see me

Last week The Everygirl posted a fashion feature highlighting three spring trends shown two ways as styled by the talented sister duo Darlene and Stephanie of Glitterary (they’re from Alaska, living in Chicago, and damn do these two have talent-seriously check em out).

Anywho, one of the looks they did was “All White” and they ventured down to the Chicago Yacht Club to photograph it. The combination of white outfits against the blue water as a backdrop was brilliant. But what really caught my eye were the sunglasses red-haired Stephanie was wearing: they were a pair of aviators with blue reflective lenses (shown in the second photo below). I feel like I’ve seen colored and reflective sunglasses before but all of a sudden I feel like I’m at Coldstone Creamery deciding whether I like them, love them, or gotta have them. Likely the latter.

A quick Pinterest search for “reflective sunglasses” proved quite fruitful as all the big names in the fashion bizz are sporting these-including top blogger Sabrina Meijer of AftrDrk (shown in the green lenses) and my girl Viviana Volpicelli (donning the red)…

I can’t say I’m craaaazy about the vibrant colorful hues; I think the green is a bit alien-esque. Odds are if I get a pair it will likely be in the blue or colorless variety.

Would you or have you sported this look? Fun for summer, no?



I think I'm on the same page as you – they're definitely very eye catching, but I don't think I could pull off the red/yellow/green ones. I really like the ones in the first photo (no colour) and the blue isn't as crazy. I think these are perfect for summer!


I like this look!


I don't think I could ever pull this off. I don't mind them on other people but I'm not sure I would invest in them… maybe a Target pair for fun. 🙂

ilene @ muchloveilly

anything with color, i dig it! loving all of these colors 🙂

Brenna McCarthy

I am seeing these everywhere and loving them. I'm currently coveting the Rayban clear plastic aviators with the blue lenses. So funky.

Kelly Vaughan Adams

I love this look. Perfect for summer days or tired eyes!

Kelly Vaughan
She's In High Cotton


i usually love the normal ones but the blue with some gold frames would be amazing!!!


I usually wear regular old Ray Ban Aviators (which I do love) but now I'm thinking a reflective pair might be in order for the summer. Very cool.



Hmmm I seem to remember someone being anti reflective sunglasses last summer…jk

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good look

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I like your cool glasses


I totally have a pair! Reflective blue Ray Bans. I'd been wanting some for ages, went home for a very sad reason and happened to leave my cheapies in the seatback pocket of the airplane, so I had to pick up a new pair and just happened across mine. They are AMAZING!

Blonde in this City