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DIY Wooden Halloween Decor

If you are looking to increase your Halloween spirit this year, then there is no better way than creating your own DIY wooden Halloween decor. You can easily make the simple décor discussed in this article even if you have no or little talent at woodworking. Keep reading to find out how!

3 DIY Wooden Halloween Décor Ideas

Halloween Plank Creatures

For those who are beginners at making DIY wooden Halloween decor, there is nothing simpler than making a few plank creatures to decorate your porch, deck, or outside your front door. All it takes to make these creatures are a few reclaimed wooden planks, some medical gauze, or a ripped up pillow case and some paint.

  • Plank Ghost: Sand a plank so that is smooth enough to paint and paint the blank white. Then using black paint, paint on the round eyes and an oval mouth. It is that simple and easy.
  •  Plank Jack-O-Lantern: Paint the plank orange and then either use black paint to paint on the Jack-o-Lantern’s eyes, nose, or mouth, or use outdoor reflective tape and cut out the face of the Jack-o-Lantern.
  • Plank Mummy: Making this plank mummy is not only easy, but fun. All you need to do is paint the eyes on a wooden plank and then wrap the plank in medical gauze or a ripped pillow case.
  • Plank Frankenstein: All you need to turn a simple plank into Frankenstein is a little green and black paint. Simply paint the entire plank green, let it dry, and the paint on the monster’s face, hair, and a scar or two.

Stump Pumpkin or Witch

Another simple way you can add to your DIY wooden Halloween decor is to turn an old stump or fat piece of firewood into a pumpkin or witch. Best of all, you can even create one of these creatures from stumps that are still in the ground.

For the pumpkin, simply paint the stump orange (be sure to peel the bark off first) and add a face painted in black. For the witch’s head, you can paint the stump green for a face and then cut up a black garbage bag into thin strips and staple the top of the stump for hair. Add a witch’s hat from a local costume shop, and you’re good to go.

Paint A Simple Boo or Happy Halloween Sign

If you have an old wood pallet lying around, you can use the boards to make a simple BOO or HAPPY HALLOWEEN sign. Just paint the boards whatever color you choose and then use a stencil to paint whatever Halloween message you wish. Attach the board to a stake and plant it in your yard. Or simply sit the sign on your porch or hang beside or above your door. Add some inexpensive fake spider web material from the local costume or Halloween shop around the sign for an additional creepy effect.

Creating any of these simple DIY wooden Halloween decor projects is simple and easy to do. All it takes is a little time and imagination, some reclaimed wood you have lying around, and you can create a number of creepy and charming wooden Halloween decorations. So whether you’re planning on dressing up as a wicked witch or a unicorn, your neighborhood trick-or-treaters will know your house should be their first stop on Halloween night!

Which is your favorite DIY wooden Halloween decor idea? Share your thoughts with us below!