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Using dead trees to mulch your flower beds

leafless tree on green grass field under white sky

Today we’ll be talking to you about how you could make use of a PTO wood chipper to use dead trees to mulch your flower beds. We recommend contracting with one of your local trusted landscaping companies to do this for you. But if you’re navigating it yourself, we hope to provide you some good guidance.

There are times when your tree at home or in your land has done all it was meant to do, and it is time for that beautiful tree to die. It has provided fruits, given you privacy, provided covers that guarded you against the wind, given you a lot of shade, and so much more. But if that tree dies, this doesn’t mean it wouldn’t reincarnate for several other purposes. Here are some beautiful ways you could reincarnate that dead tree and bring it somewhat back to the land of the living.

List of ways to make use of dead trees to mulch your flower beds

Using a PTO wood chipper, you could chip your dead tree down and then get either mulch or wood chips that you could use to garden or use to the landscape. You could also use it and convert it to firewood.

Using your dead tree as mulch grants you a lot of benefits to several trees. These include appeal, moisture, protection, and so much more. If you do not own a wood chipper, you might rent one from a hardware store. There might be a lot of labor and hard work which would be put into stacking and splitting your very own firewood. The satisfaction of cutting it on your own is as rewarding as it can get.

Take a look at some of the importance and value of mulching here

1. Wildlife Nesting Site

A lot of dead trees could remain standing without posing any safety threat. But this doesn’t happen to ash trees which, after they die, become pretty brittle, and they could fall at any minute. If that happens, the squirrels and birds that nestle in it would genuinely suffer. If you decide to cut this tree down, you could turn the branches to a bee hotel and then drill some holes to remain by the sides.

2. Lumber

Suppose your dead tree has a very valuable sawlog that’s worth smiling. You could think about converting it into lumber. You can use the lumber for projects at home. You could also use wood from trees that need to be removed to conserve the resources in forests and reduce waste. There are several local mill operators which might bring portable sawmills straight to your home. You could visit your county extension conversation district forester or the extension office for a list of several other sawmill operations.

3. Designing your landscape or mulch your flowerbeds

If you have a dead tree, that tree has a lot more potential than just to be used as wood chips or mulch. You could use it to design your landscape or mulch your flowerbed. You could think about various ways to use it and add various appeals to your property creatively. These include fencing, painting, and carving too. There are medium-sized trees that could serve as straightforward ways of adding color and character to your landscape.

Try thinking about flow in the dark paint. This would add in a lot of fun. If you decide to cut your entire tree down using a PTO chipper, then you could lay your trunks on your fence’s side so it would have a beautiful natural appearance to the design of your backyard. You could leave it as it is and then end up carving some fantastic art from the wood.


Using the methods above, you could use dead trees using a PTO chipper to mulch them on your awesome flower beds.

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