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Try These Boy Scout Crafts with Your Kids at Home

Boy Scout Crafts are great fun for all children, regardless of whether they are boys or girls.  There’s no reason at all why girls should miss out on having fun with crafts, enjoying the great outdoors and learning some useful life skills along the way.  So let’s take a look at some great Boy Scout crafts you can enjoy with your kids at home.

4 Boy Scout Crafts

Tin Can Lantern

Make a tin can lantern to lighten up the outdoors space at dusk. It is easy to do. Get a clean empty can and using a marker pen draw a pattern in dots. Then hammer through every dot.  Place a night light or votive candle inside the can, and enjoy how the light shines through.  You can attach a handle by hammering two holes and threading through a carrying rope.

Boy Scout Campfire Recipes

A great part of being a boy scout is going camping. Try making a campfire and getting your kids to help with cooking the food. Check out easy Boy Scout recipes such as burritos, cowboy stew and pigs on a stick! If you can’t make a fire in your backyard, use the barbeque grill.

Animal Feeder

Boy Scout crafts really work with the great outdoors. Try making animal feeders for the birds and squirrels in your garden with some easy projects to improve the natural habitat.

Knot Crafts

No boy scout would be stuck for the right knot, but getting it right takes practice. Once you and the kids have mastered the skills you can enjoy making rope ladders and indoor decorations such as plant holders.

Healthy Vitamins for Boy Scouts

Kids have a great energy and thirst for learning once you can get them away from the screen.  To improve their physical health it can be a good idea to ensure that they have the correct vitamins. 

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We all want our kids to thrive and to be strong and healthy. A vitamin supplement especially aimed at children will support good health now and ensure healthy development as they grow.  Like boy scout crafts, these early experiences establish great physical and mental health that will make your kids strong for whatever they decide to become in the future.