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Skills Kids Can Learn While Schooling At Home

Due to the current uncertain times the COVID-19 world has brought upon us, most of us have been confined to the borders of our homes, along with our families. This includes our children, who are being schooled at home. This time, although quite stressful, has given us the opportunity to stay closer and connected with our families.

It is the best time to spend quality time with your children and be more in touch with their learning process, too. However, entertaining children is a great task. Children tend to have a lower attention span and get bored of activities very easily. The past few months you were able to keep children entertained, but new activities are hard to think of when staying at home. Here are some great suggestions of skills you can teach your children while they are schooling at home for a fun-filled time.

6 Skills Kids Can Learn While Schooling at Home

1.     Basic First Aid

The importance of teaching first aid cannot be overstated. It is a highly important skill that everyone should be taught from childhood. If not all sorts of first aid, basics on first aid should be provided to a child. At a young age, the minds of children are like sponges. Anything you teach them they will be able to soak in, learn, and remember. Such essential information is important to be taught to children, so they may remember it their entire life. Speak to your child about the various items in a first aid box and whether they know the use of these items. If they don’t, try educating them or correcting their mistakes.

2.     Money Budgeting

Another highly important life skill that children will remember throughout their lives is money budgeting. How to manage and save money is very important. The importance of money should be taught to children. The various opportunity costs they can have and the decisions they may need to take, give them a glimpse of everything. You can do this by entrusting them with some pocket money and asking them to use it wisely.

3.     How to Do the Laundry

Doing the laundry is the way to being an independent human being. If you can manage clean clothes for yourself, you are on the path of staying clean and groomed. Apart from this, you will be able to independently care for yourself. Trust your child with folding their own clothes, piling up the laundry, separating and sorting it, etc.

4.     Ironing Clothes

The importance of ironing and how it is to be done should be taught to children. They should be able to understand the difference between wrinkled and iron clothes though before you allow them to use an iron themselves.

5.     Cooking

Cooking together is the best way to bond with your child. You do not need to teach them full recipes, rather start involving them in your cooking tasks. These include, bring some ingredients from the fridge or pantry for you, bringing some utensils, etc. Including them in the process of cooking will make them feel important and willing to learn by taking an interest in it.

6.     Basic Sewing

This doesn’t mean teaching them how to sew clothes or use a sewing machine. Start off by very basic stitching. Teach them how to thread a needle. Teach them how to stitch together a button and a cloth.

Take the opportunity these uncertain times have provided you by teaching your children some important life skills. Not only will they be helpful throughout your child’s life, but they will also be a great way to keep them motivated and entertained. You will also be able to spend extra quality time with them, what could be better than that?