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Macramé Plant Hanger Craft Projects


Are you trying your luck with macramé plant hangers? Well, you need to know that there are plenty of ways that you can enhance the look of your macramé plant hanger easily. Take a look at some of the craft projects mentioned below and enjoy creating now looks for your plants.

Adding A Colorful Rope

One way that you will find to be quite fun and easy to do is adding a colorful rope to your plant hanger. There is no denying that macramé plant hangers can look quite simple and plain. You can easily change things up a bit by adding some colorful rope to it. Stick to one bright color or use a multicolor rope to add a more colorful look to your home.

Using An Old Shirt

It is possible for you to not want to go out and get crafts for your at home project. But you don’t need to anyway. All you need is an old shirt that you can cut up and use as a rope for your macramé plant hanger. Bonus tip: use something with a nice print or something colorful for your plant to stand out.

Adding A Mason Jar As A Pot

You will find that those metal cans for pots can sometimes be quite boring for the plant. What you can do is switch things up a bit and use a mason jar instead. Mason jars can create quite a look for your macramé plant hanger. Add this to your home and see how beautiful it all looks together.

Pompoms Can Make A Huge Difference

Are you bored of the macramé plant hanger in your home? Well, worry not! Now, you can easily add some more style and personality to your hanging plant by using pompoms. The great thing about these is that you can find these available everywhere. You can also try making them at home. They’re simple to make and will only add to the look of your planter.

Use Black Holders And Rope

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it is the fact that the black color adds a lot of style to various things. The same goes for your macramé plant hanger. Use a black holder and rope with your lush green plant to see an exceptional combination of colors unfold.

Add Some Gold Aesthetic

Gold never goes out of style. If you are looking for something that will add more character to your macramé plant hanger, then you should go for gold wires that you can add around the plant. It will add an elegant and classy look to your hanging plant.

Try Out A Pattern

If you’re not one for anything extra, you can simple do some simple patterns with the rope of your hanging plant. The macramé plant hanger will surely look beautiful with some crisscross pattern on it.

There you have it, some exceptional ways that you can enhance your macramé plant hanger, with things that you can easily find at home. Enjoy creating new things for your hanging plant with these ideas.