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How to Groom Puppies’ Hair

Many people spend hundreds of dollars a year grooming their puppies’ hair. Although different dog breeds have different grooming needs, you can learn how to groom your dog regardless of their breed.

Grooming your puppies’ hair normally entails brushing their fur, giving them a bath, and in some cases trimming or clipping the hair. Here are some simple tips on how to groom puppies’ hair.

3 Tips for Grooming Puppies’ Hair

Brushing Your Puppies’ Hair

The type of brush you use to groom your puppies’ hair will depend on the type of dog you have. If you are not sure what type of brush works best for your breed of dog, talk to a professional and seek their advice.

Keep in mind that some dogs shed more than others and therefore will need to have fur brushed more often when shedding to avoid getting mats from the loose hair that your dog is shedding.

Some puppies will need to be brushed once a day (especially during the heaviest shedding period), while other dog’s fur can be kept looking great by just brushing their hair just once a week.

Keep in mind that brushing your puppies’ hair not only keeps your puppy looking well-groomed, but it also allows you to examine the skin for any bumps, cuts, or dry skin.

Shampooing Your Puppies’ Hair

In most cases, unless your puppy gets extremely dirty with something that can’t be brushed out of their fur you only need to shampoo your puppy every three months or so. Shampooing your puppy too often can result in dry skin and fur.

When shampooing your puppies’ hair, choose a shampoo made specifically for dogs. One company that offers gentle shampoo for your dog is Wondercide. This company offers a normal of gentle shampoos that is perfect for your puppy and is designed to keep their skin and their hair healthy.

Clipping Your Puppy’s Fur

The most difficult part of grooming your puppy is that some breeds need to have hair trimmed or clipped to keep their fur looking its best. While many dogs enjoy being brushed and even having a bath, they often get jittery when their fur is being cut (especially when using clippers that make a buzzing noise).

If you are new to clipping your pet, you are likely to be nervous as well. If that is the case, then you should have a professional teach you how to clip your pet and be with you until you build up your confidence. You need to be confident and calm when trimming your puppy, or they will pick up on your nervousness.If your puppy finds grooming to be a stressful experience, you may want to give them a supplement that keeps them calm like Zen Pet by Pet Wellbeing. Zen Pet helps keep your pet calm during those grooming sessions and during those other stressful times as well.