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DIY Fall Craft Projects You Can Do with Your Kids

Parents all around the world try to engage their kids in doing fun things, which also become a source of learning for them. This is done not only for the sake of learning, but also because this allows parents to spend some valuable time with their children and bond over doing fun activities together.

Do-it-yourselves crafts are fun, but such crafts allow children to open their minds to new possibilities and be creative. As for the parents, they let their inner creative child come out too!

Research has shown that DIY projects have proven to be one of the most popular ways for parents to bond with their children and for the kids to showcase their inner creativity. The best thing about doing such crafts is that you do not need to worry about not having enough art supplies, you can get the work done without running to the shop.

Here in this article we will discuss some amazing DIY fall craft projects in which you and your children can indulge.

5 DIY Fall Craft Projects for Kids

Fall Crown

Fall is almost here, that means you can easily find orange and mustard leaves in your backyard or at the front gate. Grab some of those leaves and let your kid make a crown for herself/himself and for you! All you need is a twine and some leaves, that’s it! You can paste those leaves on the twine with the help of a glue and make your kids crowns of their own.

If you are using large leaves, like those of an oak tree, then you can take seven to eight leaves. All you have to do is remove the stem so that you can easily paste the leaves. Now you can either paste them on the stem or sew it. We prefer pasting them as this way it will be easier for the kids to make leaf crowns for themselves!

Fall Trees

The kids can easily make fall trees by using a couple of things like cardboard, tissues, paper plate, glue, and some paints. First of all, dab some paint on the tissues. Use orange, yellow and brown as you will be making fall trees. Let it dry, meanwhile cut the cardboard in the shape of the trunk of the tree. Cut the tissues in square shape and paste the pieces on the paper plate. Paste the truck under the paper plate and voila! Fall trees are ready in less than 30 minutes.

Leaf Bookmarks

All you need to make leaf bookmarks are sticks, markers, scissors, and cardboard. Draw a maple leaf on the cardboard and cut it out. Take a stick and paste the cut-out part on the top of the stick. Use the marker to draw an outline to the leaf to give it more definition.

DIY Suncatchers

For this all you need is some paint, marker, thread, and paper plates. Dap some paint here and there on the paper plate, and let your kid do his/her creativity. Make a hole and hang the paper plates inside the window. Then enjoy your DIY suncatchers.

Fall Forest

This DIY fall craft project is all about creativity. Take a clear vase, put sticks, barns, stones, and grass in it. Let your kid use his or her creativity to make a fall forest of their own!

These few DIY fall craft projects will surely keep the kids engaged and you, the parents, can have your fun with them too!