Wednesday, November 20, 2013

BIG REVEAL: The Everygirl 2.0 and Shop!

For the past few months, we’ve been working on a “top secret project.” We can be dramatic.

Today – it’s here!

A fully redesigned The Everygirl site and Shop!

We teamed up with a small group of web designers and developers here in Chicago, and we are so thrilled with what they put together for us. There’s a new fancy navigation, sorting by cities, filters, a lot more articles on the homepage, related articles within stories… basically all the practical functionality we never thought to add to the original design seeing as we are not UX experts and just cared about it looking great. Now that’s all fixed! Not to mention it’s FAST FAST FAST! No 5 second load time. 

You can read more of the details on what the new site offers here.

Or click over to The Everygirl Shop to snatch up stocking stuffers for all your loved ones and girlfriends!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Coming Soon: The Everygirl Shop

The Everygirl Shop and product line officially launches tomorrow, Wednesday, November 20th! Prices range from $12-$35, making them the perfect stocking stuffers for the inspiring, kick-ass ladies in your life!

More details here.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fashion for Europe: The Only Packing List You’ll Ever Need

Let me adjust my Fashion Blogger cap for a second. Try it on for size… Ahh there we go.

Now, a solid dose of outfit photos from my adventures in Europe.

Save for the pink-elbow patch shirt I bought in Paris, I wore black almost the entire time. Black pants or jeans, black or white v-necks, and a jacket. Mix and match over and over again.

Here are a few of the staples I lived in due to comfort and versatility.

Target jacket (the best $30 I ever spent) | Gerard Deral hat (bought in Paris) | Henry and Belle ankle zip skinnies (as comfy as yoga pants, not even kidding) | Nila Anthony shoulder bag | Two Penny Blue leather trim blazer (i leave it unbuttoned) | Alli Marie booties (never even broke these in and wore them all day long, days at a time)

See the rest of our packing for Europe made easy list over on The Everygirl! Complete with tips and specific product suggestions.

photos by Danielle Moss

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ladyplace: The Kitchen Before & After

So this weekend was crazy productive. I had absolutely nothing planned which felt gloooorious. After being out of town for ten days and with the upcoming holidays and weddings, I knew free weekends would be limited and I wanted to tackle my mountain-high to do list.

A few things I accomplished:

– cleaned entire apartment

– reorganized my front hall closet

– grocery shopped (finally)

– shipped a bunch of packages that had been needing to go out (i avoid the post office like the plague)

– organized dressing room area

– finally got around to hanging art, mirrors, shelves, clock, etc.

– took bridesmaid dresses to the tailor

– took dogs to the groomer

– posted items I’m selling on Craigslist

– and… finally, the big one. I painted the kitchen. FINALLY.

The plan has always been to paint it super light grey, which I got permission to do from my landlord. But because the walls, floor, backsplash, and even my rug are kind of… off-white (not in a good way), any white was just making them look dirty and grimy. I delved into my stockpile of paint and realized I had almost a full can leftover from when I painted my last bedroom black.

Found a little black cabinet inspiration here. And just went got to it!



I can’t stop looking at it. Much like the bathroom in my old place, this is quickly going from my least favorite to most favorite area of the apartment!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ladyplace: To Paint Black or Not? Help me decide!

My beauuuutiful and very WHITE Society Social bar cart arrived-yes, I went with white. Creature of habit to play it safe-and now I realize it just doesn’t work against the all white walls. It gets lost. This whole wall in general is just… meh. So I’m thinking of painting the wall black. Again, creature of habit (office in first apartment, bedroom in second apartment).

I posted on Instagram asking people what they thought and a lot suggested a deep navy, (Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy in particular, which is awesome) but I am just not sure how that would work since the rest of the room is neutral greys, blacks, beiges, and whites. Thoughts?

Others are suggesting deep charcoal.

Or… what about bright pink?! Inspired by this and this.

Some say high gloss.

What say you?!

And for the record, 9 times out of 10 I kind of hate accent walls. But because this apartment is so small, it’s more its own section of the room – the bar/library, if you will. It would hardly even be photographed with the “office” or the “living room” parts, both of which kind of have their own looks going on.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Giveaway: Elva Fields Decade Necklace

In celebration of jewelry designer Elva Fields’ 10th year of business, the brand is giving away this beautiful gold Decade Necklace to an LCY reader! I love the simplistic elegance of this design; a stark difference from her usual bold, colorful statement pieces. You may remember we featured the Kentucky designer behind the brand, Emily Maynard, on The Everygirl earlier this year. It was so fun getting to see inside her workshop.

To enter: 

Like Elva Fields on Facebook or follow Elva Fields on Instagram, then leave a comment on this post letting me know you did! Make sure to include your email so I can get a hold of you.

U.S. entries only.