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Monday, November 3, 2014

See here: one proud owner of Mauviel copper pots!

If you dig deep into the archives of good ole’ LCY, you’ll find that in month 8 of blogging (that would be January 2010), I named French Mauviel copper pots as a dream wishlist item of mine.

Today, almost five years later, I began my collection.

Thanks once again to the wonderful offerings of Joss and Main, and no, they didn’t pay me to say this, I was able to get three pieces for a fraction of the price of what Mauviel pots usually go for! I picked up a large saucepan, a medium sized stock pot (oh so pretty w/ it’s gold handles!), and a small frying pan perfect for my morning eggs (only $69 down from $210).

Check out their Go Gourmet sale currently going on for the next four days. But hurry – stuff is selling out rather quickly! Above you’ll see a few other favorites of mine, but I of course had to stop at the copper beauties (used up all of my credit in one oh-so-easy fell swoop). But the sale also has Staub and a number of amazing knife brands. Definitely worth checking out!

Visit the Joss and Main Go Gourmet sale here!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

2 Dresses for $50? That’s what I like to hear.

And I just hit “Purchase.”

I told you I like to buy the same thing in multiple colors – especially when that thing is $25. I’ll be bringing these comfy frocks with me to Europe in October!

Everything in J.Crew’s final sale section is an additional 50% off right now. USE CODE TODAYONLY at checkout Hop to it!

Here’s a few favorites:

This jacket that everyone owns and looks great in (including Claire Dumphey)

These too-perfect-for-summer shoes

Would love to wear this to a summer wedding

And a few favorite accessories like this, this, and these dazzlers

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

10% Sale on Joss and Main Today!

I may or may not have acquired a few new pieces.

I picked up the gold lamps in the Bright Ideas lamp sale and the leopard print Martha Stewart rug in the Safavieh rug sale! Tacky or fabulous? I’m gonna go with the latter. Adding a bit of ladyglam to my lady apartment. Not really sure where the lamps will go (you get two lamps for $162 by the way). Probably the entryway and/or the bar and/or my desk. We’ll see. They really work anywhere in my place. As for the rug, I recently got a tiny 2×3 area rug for my dressing room/hallway, but it got dirty in approximately 10 minutes. White just isn’t practical with dogs. I desperately need to switch it out with something that will better hide paw prints. Animal print should do the trick. This is also the perfect size. My current white and black area rug is 2×3 and it’s just too small for the hallway; this new one is 2’6″ by 4-perfect!

Not a Joss and Main member? Sign up! Use code SORRY10 at check-out for the discount! There are a ton of great sales going on right now.

In other news, remember several weeks ago I pinky promised I’d be posting more? And then completely dropped the ball? Yeah. A few of you called me out on it. Rightly so. I don’t know why… whether it’s the cold, the holidays, the workload, the wanting to relax in the evenings with my friends, family, puppies, the wanting to do nothing at all, the lack of inspiration, the fact that I post apartment updates on Instagram, the cyber bullies lurking in the shadows, or – spoiler alert – all of it, I’ve just not felt the desire to blog much over the past couple of months. The real reason I started the blog in the first place was to find inspiration for my dream job. “Live creating myself.” Write about all the things I loved in hope that what I should do with my life would reveal itself. And it has with The Everygirl! Sure it might not pay great and the hours aren’t ideal, but it’s truly my dream job and I feel so lucky it’s what I get to wake up and do every morning. And there are so many ways I want to improve it and grow it. It’s where I’d rather put my energy. And when my energy isn’t going into my work, it’s going into my family and friends.

So what does that mean for LCY? Has it served its purpose? Is it time to close up shop here? I don’t know. I absolutely still enjoy documenting my decorating trials. And I like sharing news updates and exciting things going on in my life and the lives of those around me (when they allow me to share it). And I love love love hearing from readers; whether you write asking for advice or giving input about my place. How can you walk away from something that still brings you joy? You shouldn’t.

So for now I guess we’ll keep on like this. I do apologize that I’m not as reliable as I once was. But I appreciate those of you who have stuck it out!

Until next time… : )

Monday, July 29, 2013

so this just happened.

40% off j.crew’s sale w/ code style40. too good to pass up.

i may or may not have scooped up these neon lace pumps, these pink and gold flats, and this neon striped sweater.

what’s on your wishlist?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I’m selling more stuff! Rugs, tables, desk chair – come one, come all!

Leather swivel desk chair – originally $240 // selling for $100 – SOLD

Chevron rug 4×6 – originally $55 // selling for $20 – SOLD

West Elm graphic brown rug – 8×10

selling for $150 – SOLD

Runner from Istanbul

originally $350 // selling for $150

White table – SOLD

originally $60 // selling for $40

Two white outdoor chairs

selling for $60 – SOLD


Items are cash and carry and must go by Sunday morning!

Prices are negotiable.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Amazing randomness.

Can’t get enough of this. I’m guessing if you’ve never seen the show, the season finale would be an EXCELLENT place to start. It’s going to be amazing as made evident in this video. Love the dresses. Love the song. Love Finn and Rachel.

…and for MORE finale goodness, listen to the songs they’ll be singing. My favorite is Puck and Santana’s rendition of Don’t Stop Believing, but I’m also a sucker for Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Bohemian Rhapsody. Seriously. How do people not watch this show?! If you like music, you’ll like Glee.

And finally, if you liked the black maxi dress from Boden that I was wearing in this picture from The Birdcage post, it’s currently 25% off with free shipping! Amazing. Comes in five colors. I think I need the brown and blue paisley because I’m quirky like that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

From the sale closet of… part 2

I am currently visiting DC for work (and play), puppies in tow, but I plan on stopping by a few favorite stores and restaurants while in town. I’d love to be sporting this yellow, black, and gold outfit for the perfect 60-70 degree October weather DC is enjoying. All from the lovely sale closet of… J.Crew. (Anyone else agree that they should seriously start paying me for how frequently I promote their store? Just a thought.)

***Note: click on image to be linked to the Volypore collage, where you can see prices and links to all of the items.
***Another Note: the prices listed on the Volypore page do not accurately reflect the SALE prices. My bad. You have to click on the links to the J.Crew page to see the new, discounted price.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Homage to J.Crew: From the sale closet of… part 1

I’ve recently been obsessing over navy and constantly find myself checking to see if items are available in the nautical, black alternative. I also just discovered and expect I will be having way too much fun wasting time in the future on that site. So for now, this is an outfit I put together that I’d love to wear out tomorrow night. All from the wonderful sale closet of… J.Crew.

Love, love, love the shoes. They’d pop with just about any outfit. Purchasing them in 5, 4, 3…