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Have you attended a wedding recently? Did you take note of the champagne cocktail walls? If yes, I the answers to the just asked questions, you must have an excellent idea of the latest wedding decors. Every wedding recently likes to use the champagne wall, making the reception unique and on point. 

Unfortunately, as much as champagne walls bring the spotlight of wedding decor, they are also limitless options when we talk about practical and design aspects. Well, we have carved out the best ways to incorporate the trend into the next wedding event confidently you will attend.

  1. Seating Chart

A seating chart is one of the common uses of the champagne wall. It helps the guest find their chairs in a fun way, and not only that, but the guest immediately served drinks as a means of welcoming them. To make the best use of your time, you can fill up your glasses with the type of your cocktail custom. Or you can as well fill all drinks with the preferred choice of the guest.

Guest will be welcomed when such is done to them. It makes them feel unique and acceptable. If you also want to personalize the welcome drink, you can do so either in a more significant way or minor, but make sure not to exaggerate the whole thing.

  1. Cocktail Hour

During the hour of cocktails, many couples like to use the champagne wall to welcome guests. Thereby creating a more casual atmosphere because the guest can quickly grab a glass from the wall and continue mingling. The champagne wall during cocktail hours is an excellent element of décor on its own, and it is a good spot for taking pictures. Try to make guests to use your wedding hashtag when they are sharing.

  1. Bar backdrop

A champagne wall placed on the bar side creates a uniquely stunning and inviting look during cocktail, reception, or both hours. Because of the campaign wall, waiting times are decreased at the bar and because the bartender can easily have access to glass off the wall without wasting time. Therefore, immediately after guest gets their drinks, they quickly head back to continue with the party and dance.

  1. Divide a Room

You do not have to pay for an additional room rental when you have a champagne wall that you can use to divide up your venue space. Breaking up an ample space is the help of the champagne wall, which makes guests have a good flow. You can also use Champagne walls to cut off a room for the reception and cocktail hours, making things easier, faster, and less expensive.

  1. Anything you want

Your imagination can go wild when you do not limit yourself. You can make your champagne walls into something magnificent by giving it another customized dimension with your names, floral design, wedding colours, custom cocktails. 


Champagne walls are not only used at weddings; you can go wild by using them also at other parties, which includes Bab shower, get together gatherings, wedding anniversaries, and any other exciting gatherings. We have thoroughly discussed how to use a champagne wall, but you might think of how to get one. Not to worry, we at creative Ambiance Events is always at your service.