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Things to Do When Bored: Five Minute Crafts

Getting bored is an everyday story for most of us. The majority of people have no activity other than sitting on the couch or lying on the bed, scrolling through our phones, and watching Netflix. There are many things to do when bored so you can avoid this. Here are some creative ideas for you that will keep the boredom away.

Dye T-shirts 

One of the most creative things to do when bored is dying your old t-shirts into something creative and magical. Call out the artist within you and start thinking of ideas you can dye your t-shirts with. It can be a fun activity when remaking a shirt with your favorite color and design. You can watch tutorials and what materials are necessary to dye your coolest shirt. After dying your shirt, you can click lots of pictures and post it on your social media accounts to show your creativity to the world.


Drawing sketches or painting is another fun activity you should consider. Many non-artists consider it a kid’s thing, but an adult can also put pencil to paper and draw or sketch. These can be memorable, and if it turns out to be good, you can frame it and hang the drawing in your room. You can sketch whatever comes to your mind or the things that are in front of you. Time will fly by and it will keep your boredom away. Or try an adult coloring book. It’s so much fun and easy to do.

Create A Scrapbook

You can create a scrapbook from your latest photo album. Take a print of your favorite pictures and paste them into a scrapbook while writing little details of memories regarding the shot. You can make it look incredible by decorating it with some beads, buttons, stickers, or some quotes. This album created and designed by yourself will remind you of the good times for years, and you will love to take a look at it from time to time. It is one of the most amazing things to do when bored.

Make Playing Dough Or Slime

If you love playing with slime or dough you can make it in your home yourself. By using ingredients present at your disposal such as flour, food coloring, eye solution, and glue, you can create playing dough or stress-relieving slime. Look up for the recipe and mix things up with some glitter to play with it when you get bored and have nothing else to do. If you are a parent, then your kids would love this activity too. 

Complete A Puzzle

Try solving puzzles to boost up your mind and enjoy the time. Puzzles can be mysterious and can keep you busy when you are getting bored. It is a really fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. You can go with jigsaw puzzles or problem-solving puzzles such as riddles. The boring time will fly quickly, and you will learn something new.

Boredom is something most of us go through at some point in the day. However, if you utilize your time with one of these fun activities, you’ll enjoy your free time and have a great day.