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Sugar-Free Desserts Kids Will Love


Every child has an attraction for sweet, tempting desserts with melted chocolate oozing out from them. Savoring each bite of such mouth-watering sweets can put you in a state of ecstasy. Although such food items are appealing, they can be a severe threat to one’s life. 

The only thing that makes them threatening if consumed excessively is sugar. Due to its harmful effects, this simple ingredient is now being referred to as the “white poison.” It is because it is the root of the majority of the health problems for instance obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and the rest. As an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure, various sugar-free recipes for desserts have been introduced. 

So, here few sugar-free desserts that will be savored by the kids:

Sugarless Chocolate Pie:

Chocolate pies are greatly loved by children of all age groups. Considering the likes and dislikes and health requirements this chocolate pie recipe would help you heaps. The total time required for its preparation is approximately an hour and 15 minutes. A chocolate pie of roughly 1 to 9 inches is made that is sufficient to serve about 8 to 7 individuals. So the ingredients that are needed are a 9 inch baked pie crust, sugarless chocolate pudding. Assemble each ingredient as per the rule and top it with chilled whipped cream containing reduced calories. Refrigerate for an hour before serving. 

Unsweetened Peanut Butter Cookies:

Youngsters and their never-ending cravings for cookies can be pretty challenging to deal with. So here is the most amazing unsweetened peanut butter cookie recipe that a parent can have. The entire procedure is based on three basic steps. First, you have to set the oven at 175 degrees C followed by slightly greasing the baking sheets. After that, peanut butter (2 cups), sweetening agent (2 cups), and two eggs are mixed thoroughly. 

Scoop out the cookie batter and place it on the baking sheet, set to be placed in the oven. The overall time required for the preparation is about 18 minutes out of which 8 minutes are allotted for baking. Approximately 24 cookies sufficient for more than 20 individuals can be made from a single batch.    

The Berry-full Sorbet:

This berry blush delight is another mouth-watering sugar-free dessert ready to tantalize your taste buds. It very easy to make and only involves three main steps. So first you have to dissolve the low-calorie sweetening agent called Splenda in water. Then assemble your food processor and blend all the berries until a smooth puree is formed. After that slowly and gradually add the dissolved sweetener followed by heavy cream to the puree and blend it again. Dish out the puree and freeze it before serving. The recipe is enough to serve 7 to 8 individuals.  

These are a few of the many sugar-free dessert recipes created specifically for children who have cravings for sweets. These recipes will not only make them contented but will also keep them healthy and protected from various metabolic disorders.