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Need Illustrations or Art Content? Try Creative Fabrica – the Etsy for Graphic Design

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If you are looking for illustrations, graphics or art content but don’t have the time to search through hundreds of listings on Etsy, Creative Fabrica is a new marketplace that will help. The website was created by graphic designer Taylor Taylor-Smith who found it difficult to find affordable, quality artwork online. Now Taylor has set out to solve that problem with this new platform where illustrators and designers can list their work at competitive prices.

What Can You Get At Creative Fabrica?

There are hundreds of illustrators and designers on Creative Fabrica with a range of styles. The website has just launched but there is already quite an extensive collection that includes logos, illustrations, vector graphics, pattern designs and more.

The prices vary depending on the quality of work needed for each piece so you can expect to find affordable art content too if your budget isn’t large enough to pay $500 or more per illustration like some other websites charge. You also have the option to hire talented local artists in countries all over the world which is great news for those who need art fast! For example, it will take less time than expected when hiring people located halfway across this globe as opposed to working with someone living right next door;)

What Is The Process Like?

When you find some art content that interests you, just click on the item’s image to view more details about it. Then follow these steps: Add product to your shopping basket by clicking “add to cart” button Choose a license for your artwork (the website offers both standard and extended licenses) Add your contact information during checkout process.

You Can Get Unlimited access to Thousands of Fonts on Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is not just an art marketplace; in fact, the website includes a large library of fonts. All you need to do is submit your email address and then get started to downloading thousands of free professional typefaces! With so many different fonts at your disposal you can create the design that is exactly according to your requirements.

Unlimited access to Millions of Graphics with Creative Fabrica

There is a huge collection of vector graphics at Creative Fabrica and they can be downloaded in EPS, AI or SVG formats. Logos, badges, icons, patterns and more are all available for license so you can use them in your designs after you buy them

Creative Fabrica is a great place for digital marketers and graphic designers. It can help digital marketers add value to their business and it can help graphic designers earn money by working from the comfort of their home doing something that they love.