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Is There a Food Safe Paint for Arts & Crafts with Kids?

Arts and crafts activities are the best way to enjoy quality time spent with your children. However, due to the various amounts of chemicals that can be found in almost every single store-bought item, it usually makes parents skeptical about whether these activities are even safe for use by children.

I have personally been on the lookout for paints that do not include inedible stuff within them and are not hazardous for children but have not been able to find any as of yet. This has made me wonder: “Is there a food safe paint for kids out there or not?”

Since I was not able to find one, I decided not to end my quest there. I started doing some research on different ways to make paint and finally came across the perfect edible paint recipe. Not only is it easy and quick to make, it is safe for eating and also adds beauty to whatever I wish to cook with my children.

I am sure you and your children will also enjoy using this recipe for different arts and craft activities.

How to Make Food Safe Paint

Instead of wondering, “Is there a food safe paint in the market?”, just create your own! You will need only two simple ingredients for this project – sweetened condensed milk and food coloring.

To make this food safe paint, all you need to do is mix 1 tablespoon of the sweetened condensed milk with 1-2 drops of food coloring. Keep stirring this mixture together until the color is properly blended.

To make a number of colors, simply take out 3-4 bowls and add the sweetened condensed milk to them. Add food coloring to each bowl, according to the different colors. Mix, and they will be ready! You can now simply start using this paint on various food items to enjoy a great arts and craft activity with your kids.

The colors created are very bright and the sweetened condensed milk blends greatly with the food coloring. If you are looking to go completely preservative free, search for a food coloring that seems to be more natural and suits the needs of your children.

You can paint cookies, fondant, marshmallows, and even home-made jelly with this food safe paint. This paint tends to dry very quickly onto fondant and is not sticky either, so you won’t be falling into a great mess. Enjoy the time spent with your kids, and make wonderful memories!

Stop thinking is there a food safe paint for use by your children and yourself for some exciting arts and craft activities available at stores. Create them yourself with the simplest and easiest items. This will barely take 5 minutes of your time and you will achieve safe, chemical free, and hygienic food safe paints available for use by your children.