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How to Put Your Hair in a Sock Bun Braid

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to be a hairdresser to create great hairstyles. One of the most popular modern hairstyles is the sock bun. A sock bun is a great hairstyle for those bad hair days. However, while this hairstyle is easy to achieve, it can become boring after a while. In order to make your sock bun a little more interesting you can learn how to create a sock bun braid.

What is a Sock Bun Braid?

A sock bun braid is a combination of a French braid and a sock bun. It normally consists of you starting by making a reverse French braid (braiding from the base of your neck to above your ears) and then putting your hair including the French braid into a high ponytail, and then using either a store bought doughnut or a homemade sock bun and making a sock bun on the top of your head. So that the final look results in a bun on top of your head with a French braid up the back of your hair.

What You Need to Know to Create a Sock Bun Braid

Before attempting to create a sock bun braid, you first need to learn how to create a French braid. If you learn best by reading directions then you can find some great written directions here. If it is easier for you to learn how to make French braid by seeing it done then you may want to check out some Youtube videos.

You will want to practice making a single French braid down the center of your head until you easily make the braid. Once you have perfected creating a French braid, then you can practice French braiding with your head flip downward and braiding from the base of your neck to the top of your ears.

Along with learning how to create a French braid, you also need to perfect creating a sock bun. There are a number of different articles and videos on the internet explaining and showing you how to create a sock bun. It is best to practice creating a sock bun, so that you can perfect this hairstyle before combining the two hairstyles together.

How to Create a Sock Bun Braid

Once you have perfected both a French braid and a sock bun, it will be much easier to create a stunning sock bun braid. If you are looking for a tutorial for creating that stunning sock bun braid then check out this tutorial.

In the process of learning how to create that beautiful sock bun braid, you are actually learning how to create three great hairstyles, which means that you can greatly increase your hairstyle repertoire giving your more options for styling your hair, for work, play, or formal occasions. However, you do keep in mind that each of these hairstyles does take some practice, but the time you invest will be well worth it.