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How to Make Your Own Balloon Garland for a Party

pink and yellow balloons in close up photography

Want to make your party decorations unlike any other without having to spend heaps of money and time? Well, we have just the answer for you; make yourself a balloon garland. 

Perfect For Every Occasion 

Whether you’re having a birthday celebration, a graduation party, a baby shower, or any other kind of event, a balloon garland will fit your party no matter what the theme. It truly is that one DIY decoration that is perfect for every occasion. In fact, they have the potential to become a statement piece in your party and can be placed anywhere, as the backdrop for photographs, decor in the entryway, and more. 

Do It Yourself Balloon Garland 

The best part is that making a balloon garland does not require the use of helium, which is why you can easily make this on the day of your party, that too, in no time. The easiest way to make a balloon garland is to use latex, which is ideal for any party setting. This method will only take up an hour of your time and is much easier to pull off than it may look. You can even call your friends over and make a day of it by crafting different balloon garlands. 

Materials Needed 

  • 85 latex balloons (12 inches)
  • Air pump 
  • Command hooks
  • Tape (double-sided)
  • Balloon-arch decorating strip

Step 1

The best way to make one massive balloon garland is to make two small-sized balloon garlands and then attach them together. You might have already guessed at this point that the first step to making a balloon garland would be to inflate all those balloons. To make this process much more simple and time-efficient, it is best if you get yourself an air pump as well as some rubber bands, allowing you to tie the balloons quickly. Then, look at the location of your balloon garland placement and measure out your decorating strip. Note that you will be hanging one garland vertically and the other horizontally. 

Step 2 

Start inserting the knotted end of each latex balloon into the holes of the balloon-arch decorating strip, securing each one. To make your balloon garland look much more aesthetically pleasing, it is best to alternate between balloons of different colors and sizes. Make sure that you leave space at either end of the decorating strip. Then, grab a friend and figure out the best place on a wall onto which you will be fixing your balloon garland. 

Step 3

Next, fix the command hooks, and then using the space at the end of the decorating strip, hand the balloon strip up horizontally. Then repeat the process, only vertically this time. Make sure that the two garlands you are hanging up overlap one another. If you see any holes poking through, you can cover them up using balloons and double-sided tape. 

Now, all that’s left is for you to decorate your garland. You can do this by cutting lengthy table cover strips, allowing them to cascade over either side of the balloon garland. You can even use paper flowers and add some vibrant colors. This is the part where you should let your imagination and creativity take over and just have fun with it. To help get that creative energy flowing, you can visit this website.