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How to Make Leather Necklaces

Wearing leather necklaces are always trendy. No matter what style and design you choose to wear, it always looks cool. Either it is for men or women, leather jewelry never gets old.

There are many different types of leather jewelry. The best part is that you can make them yourself according to your preferences. So if you talk about how to make leather necklaces, then you must be looking for some tutorials and ideas for both men and women. There is only the leather string that will be required. The rest is up to you on how fancy you want to create it.

You can make some simple leather necklaces, or you can add colorful stones or beads in them to make it look exciting. We will help you know how to make leather necklace by tying on your favorite gemstone or bead.

When you are actually tying a knot on the leather, you need to make sure that you tie a knot over the leather in such a way that the stone is adjustable.

How to Make Leather Necklaces on Your Own

What You Need

·       A leather cord of 4 feet that you’ll eventually cut down to about 18-24 inches (about 8 inches longer than the circumference of your neck)

·       Gemstone beads of any color from a craft store


Now that you have the leather cord and the gemstones or beads, make sure you follow these directions carefully to make a perfect leather cord necklace.

1.     Cut the leather cord of about 4 feet. There must be 2 holes already drilled on the top area of the gemstone. So slide the cord through the holes of the stone.

2.     Make sure you perfectly position the pendant on the center of the cord. Both sides of the strings should be equal so tying the knot is easy.

3.     Now pull the right side of the string and make 2 coils or wraps. The coils should be going away from the gemstone. Turn the cord over the other side of the strong to tie a knot.

4.     Take the end of the left string and slide it gently through the coil. This will give the firmness to the knot made.

5.     To tighten the knot, pull both the ends of the strings. Make sure that the knot tied secures the pendant perfectly.

6.     When you are tying a knot make sure that you leave some room from the top so that the pendant can move. It will make the pendant adjustable to be worn.

7.     For a finished look, you can make a sliding knot or make a criss cross on both the ends of the cords.

Your leather necklace is ready now. You can even add more beads or anything else you like to make it look fancy and colorful. Now you know how to make a necklace, you can start making different styles of leather necklaces. They can be a best handmade gift for leather jewelry lovers too.