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How to Make a Paper Purse

Paper purses are fun to make and make wonderful gift bags for small presents. There are a variety of ways to make a paper purse, and the Internet is filled with pictures and videos showing you exactly how to make these incredible little bags.

 Since you need to actually see the steps used in making a paper purse, we will tell you what you need to for this project and direct you to the best directions we found explaining how to make a paper purse.

How to Make a Paper Purse

Material Needed:

  • A 12” by 12” piece of double sided scrapbooking paper
  • An additional piece or two of scrapbooking paper for trim pieces
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Something to score your paper with (a bone folder is recommended)
  •  Small embellishments such as stick on pearls or jewels
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape ( You can just forget the glue and use all double sided tape if you wish)
  • Optional ribbon to use for handles and for trim

The Art of Making A Paper Purse

The art of making a paper purse is all in the attention to detail. You need to score your paper to the exact measurements, fold it correctly, and make the cuts in just the right places. If you do those three things correctly, your paper purse will be easy to make.

While there are different ways of making paper bag purses and different sizes, we recommend that you start with this start video since it appears to the easiest purse to make, and the directions are fairly easy to follow.

How to Watch This Video

Before you attempt to make your own paper purse, we recommend that you first assemble everything you will need to complete the project. Then we suggest that you watch the video all the way through once or twice so you get the general idea how this purse is made. Then watch it again and work along with the video pausing as often as need to follow the directions.


Once you have made the basic form of the purse, you can improvise as far as the type of trim you want to put on (such as ribbon or paper), the type of handles you want, and the embellishments you want to add. These touches will truly make your purse an original.

Remember when choosing your paper for you paper purse, you can choose paper based on special occasions such as Easter, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or Christmas.

What Do You Use A Paper Purse For?

Since the paper purse shown in the video is really quite small and paper is delicate, the best use of a paper purse is to use them for small light gifts such as lip gloss or nail polish, fill them with candy, or other treats and hand them out as party favors.Once you learn how to make a paper purse, you’ll likely find all types of things that these cute little purses are useful for. If you want a more advanced paper purse project, try this one. And if you are still looking for a fun craft project, be sure to also learn how to do a yarn hairstyle.